Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial pocketbac sanitizing hand gel in Twisted Peppermint review

To finish off the weekend I have two exciting reviews for you all, very exciting indeed. As you can tell from the title it’ll be about the anti-bacterial pocketbac sanitizing hand gel, which I’ve been dying to try for about a year.

I recently heard from various bloggers and beauty guru’s on YouTube from the UK about how amazing they are and what a great alternative they are to the alcoholic smelling hand sanitizer we get here.

I love hand sanitizer, have done ever since I was a teenager and I always make sure to have a bottle next to my bed and in my handbag for when I’m on the go. However as I’ve mentioned in the past, I have eczema on my hands so the alcohol in the hand sanitizer can sometimes make it worse, rather than better and not just that, if I’m having a bad patch and my skin is splitting and open due to the severe dryness, it can kill to even put hand sanitizer on!

Whilst The Body Shop do sell some fruity smelling hand sanitizers, they only offer a small handful of scents. These being coconut, satsuma, strawberry (which I wouldn’t mind trying), sweet lemon (which I also wouldn’t mind trying), mango and pink grapefruit. Not nearly half as much as Bath & Body Works offer, especially at Christmas and Halloween!

Pocketbac’s can be hard to get in the UK, however there is a website called that sells these and other Bath & Body Works products at reasonable prices. I bought mine from a seller on eBay though. There are loads available on there for between £1-£3 including delivery. I paid £2.80 each for both of the pocketbac’s I bought, but it seems worth it to me seeing as they’re so hard to come by in this country.

Each pocketbac is a 29ml size bottle and the hand gel contains 68% alcohol and Tahitian Palm Milk to leave your hands feeling soft as well as clean.


I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought myself not one, but two pocketbac’s, which I’ll be reviewing over the weekend, the first one being in this post. I decided to get Confetti Cake and Twisted Peppermint, which I’ll be reviewing on this post.


Twisted Peppermint pocketbac.

Slightly scented with the inviting fragrance of cool refreshing mint and a hint of vanilla.

This is a limited edition that appears to come around every Christmas, not sure what year it came out but I already hope it sticks around as it is absolutely amazing!

The sticker on this is so cute with a white polar holding a lollipop, so adorable especially for Christmas time, it just makes me even happier to use it than I already am.

The name of this scent is bang on, as it smells just like a peppermint chewing gum or mint and even though it contains alcohol it doesn’t smell anything like it, as the peppermint is strong enough not to let it show through.


The gel is a dark pink, going on purple colour with some purple/blue popping beads inside, which puts a take on peppermint really different, especially as it’s associated with white, green, cream, red or blue.

Everything about this product is attractive, the packaging, the colour of the gel and especially the scent.

Now onto the product itself!

You only need about a 5 pence or 20 pence amount to get a good pay off with this product, which is great as it’ll mean it will last ages, which is great seeing as this is hard to find in the UK! The gel doesn’t dry your skin out either and conditions it really well, which is lovely.

What I love the most about this is how long the scent lasts on the skin. I put this on before I jumped into the bath last night and even after I got out I could still smell a hint of the peppermint on the hands.

I also popped it on before I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this morning I could smell it on my hands still. What a lovely smell to wake up to!

As well as hand gel, Twisted Peppermint also comes in body lotion, shower gel, body mist, hand soap, hand lotion, body cream, room spray and a candle.

I really want to try the shower gel and hand soap, but sadly they aren’t as cheap to buy as the hand gel, but I can still see my buying them both as a treat to myself for the smell alone!

Twisted Peppermint reminds me of Candy Cane by Philosophy, but the scent isn’t as strong, which is neither a good nor a bad thing. I think it would be perfect for someone who doesn’t like the strong smell of Candy Cane as much as I do.

I love this so much and I know for sure I will be buying it again in the VERY near future as I reckon I’ll use it up within the next couple of months!

If you haven’t yet tried pocketbac’s and you like hand sanitizers as much as I do then I recommend you try at least one pocketbac, they’re really worth the money and come in a large array of scents that will suite everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this review and my Confetti Cake one will be coming up tomorrow!

Now I’m off to start my weekend, toodles all I hope you have a good one too!

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