Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial pocketbac sanitizing hand gel in Confetti Cake review

Another day, another pocketbac, thus another review! I mentioned yesterday about how I bought two pocketbac’s to try out and how I’ve fallen in love with them since I received them on Wednesday morning.


Confetti Cake and Twisted Peppermint.

I bought both of these for £2.85 each, not cheap with they usually sell in the USA for $1.50 each or 5 for $5! Why don’t we have Bath & Body Works here yet?!

I know I said on yesterday’s post about what these are, but I thought I’d mention it again here incase you hadn’t yet seen the previous post. Pocketbac’s are hand sanitizers that are sold in Bath & Body Works. They come in various different scents and even have limited edition ones for Christmas and Halloween, Twisted Peppermint being one of the Christmas ones, whilst Confetti Cake is permanent.

They only contain 68% alcohol and also contain Tahitian Palm Milk, which helps soothe and soften hands. Normal hand sanitizers usually dry out the skin due to their high alcohol percentage.

For your money you get 29ml of product, which will last ages when you only need a 5 pence or 20 pence piece worth to do a good job.


Confetti Cake pocketbac.

Lightly scented with a blend of creamy vanilla frosting and sugary confetti sprinkles.

Unlike Twisted Peppermint, this isn’t limited edition and is on Bath & Body Works permanent range.

What attracted me to this scent was the cute packaging! The Chihuahua with the little cute party hat on is too cute not to buy and this is something that would be ideal  to buy something for their birthday, especially if they like sweet-smelling scents.

I really like sweet and food scents, so I thought this would be great to try, and I wasn’t wrong! It reminds me of Red Velvet by Yankee Candle but this is a little sweeter, which isn’t a bad thing. If you aren’t a huge fan of sweet scents, this might smell sickly to you as my Mom hates sweet smells and can’t stand this.

This smells just like a huge birthday cake smothered in frosting and loads of birthday candles. This is ideal for children and teenagers to try and encourage them to keep their hands clean and such whilst out and about and if they aren’t able to wash their hands whilst on the go.


The gel is , blue colour with some dark blue popping beads inside, which whilst it doesn’t go with the whole birthday cake image, it makes it more fun, which is also why it makes this one more ideal to children and teenagers.

This product reminds me of something I would pester my Mom to buy me as a child. The colour of the product is eye-catching and the cute picture on the front really does top it off!

Like Twisted Peppermint you only need about a 5 pence or 20 pence amount to get a good pay off with this product, which is great as it’ll mean it will last ages, which is great seeing as this is harder to find in the UK than Twisted Peppermint, which says a lot seeing it#s in the permanent range. Again like Twisted Peppermint, the gel doesn’t dry your skin out either and conditions it really well, which is lovely.

This lasts on the skin longer than Twisted Peppermint and after applying it lasted after washing my hands four times. Four times is a lot and I was gladly surprised by this!

Sadly Confetti Cake doesn’t come in any other ranges at Bath & Body Works, which is a shame as I reckon this would make a great shower gel or bubble bath for children.

Even though I love it, I don’t think I would buy it again in as much hurry as Twisted Peppermint, but this is only because I want to try more scents from Bath & Body Works.

I will definitely be buying this as a birthday treat for my friends in future as it’s too nice not to give to someone on their special day.

If you haven’t yet tried pocketbac’s and you like hand sanitizers as much as I do then I recommend you try at least one pocketbac, they’re really worth the money and come in a large array of scents that will suite everyone.

You can pick them up at or you can just search for them on eBay. I got mine from eBay and I know I will do in future as you can pick them up for less than I did, simply buy bidding!

I hope you enjoyed this review, I know this weekend I’ve enjoyed writing them up.

I also hope you all had a great weekend and I’m going to try and post some more reviews posted up throughout next week, see you then!

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