I won a Marc Jacobs bag, thanks Diet Coke!

As people may have heard, Diet Coke are celebrating being around for 30 years. I would have thought they’d have been around longer, but alas you learn something new everyday!

Due to this Diet Coke have teamed up with Marc Jacobs to give away limited edition bags designed by the man himself, how cool is that eh? And guess what? I won one!



I wonder what the postman thought when he delivered this this morning!


One of the women I work with was lovely enough to donate me her vouchers with the codes needed to try and win one of these and on the third try I was lucky and one! I found out about two or three weeks ago but it only arrived this morning, but I can’t complain!

I didn’t actually think I’d win after trying hundreds of time last year to try and win a pair of Hunter wellies from Ribena, which worked fairly similar to this.

The bag is gorgeous and I’m going to use it for when I pop to the shops to buy odds and ends and maybe for work if I don’t want to take much with me.

So here’s what the bag looks like!




It’s a shopper bag that is silver with red spots and a red handle. Notice the detail on the silver button above? Yep, it’s what the top of a Diet Coke can looks like! So cute!

I don’t really use shopper bags anymore, but this is adorable and will be perfect for summer when I don’t want to carry a heavy bag around with me.

For something that was free in a giveaway, I think it’s really nice and very well made!

I’m so glad I won this, I haven’t won anything for quite a while *cough*  for three years *cough* so it’s nice to have won something, especially when it’s probably rather awkward to try and win one of these!

Let me know in the comments if any of you have won one of the Diet Coke Marc Jacobs bags!

I think I’ll use this next week if I go shopping!

For now, have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you all soon!

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