March favourites

Monthly favourites time! I have a lot of new bits and pieces here that I loved this month, especially during my week off work.


Plenty of things to talk about this month!


  • Alien EDP by Thierry Mugler.

I love this perfume, have done ever since I first smelt it, mere weeks after it was released and in March I finally ordered myself a refillable bottle of this, you can find the post about that here. This is a perfect scent for the whole year and it’s something I enjoy using on nights out, for work and to even pop to the shops! I get such lovely and positive comments about this from family, friends to complete strangers! I’m so glad I finally have a bottle of this and I wore it quite a lot in March. I know I’ll soon need to get it refilled!

  • Colgate Plax sensitive mouthwash.

I’ve used Plax for years, since I was about fifteen years old, but never before had I tried the sensitive version, even though I have really sensitive teeth. I’d tried cool mint, soft mine and even  the red version (not sure which one that was) but none of them were as good as the pink sensitive mouthwash. This is really minty and great for leaving you with fresh breath, without stinging and burning your mouth! Usually mouthwashes say to rinse around your mouth for about a minute, I can never usually do that as they’re too strong for me, but this one I have no problem. I’ve already recommended this to my Mom who also has sensitive teeth like me and we both love it! Definitely give it a go if you have sensitive teeth, as it isn’t that expensive either.

  • Michael Dicesare latte shampoo.

This was actually my Mom’s but she gave to me in exchange for my Aveda shampure shampoo. It smells absolutely amazing, it smells just like milk and honey, which is something that I love the smell of for bath and hair products. I think it smells like this because it contains goats milk, which is said to be good for conditioning and moisturising hair. The flaw with this shampoo is you need loads of water to get a really good lather, but that isn’t a problem. I’ve loved using this as it’s made my hair so shiny and smooth and it’s also really helped my ends from splitting, which is always a good thing! I think I’ll buy a bottle of this soon to give back to my Mom, as I know how much she loved this shampoo. I think it’s only available to buy from QVC, as I haven’t found it anywhere else online or in shops.


  • Pink bubbly Vaseline.

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this in a monthly favourites and I doubt it’ll be the last. When I first bought this I loved it as a replacement of lipstick as it has a slight pink tint to it, but after a while I discontinued use and went back to using my MAC lipsticks. However my lips have been terribly dry during March due to the cold weather and snow so I decided to pick this back up again to use whilst I’m at home. I have a weird phobia with using any lip product outside my house that involves having to use your fingers, this is because of germs and such. I know other people like it too so I’m not a weirdo on my own. This Vaseline was limited edition, even though I think I’ve still seen it for sale in Boots and Superdrug. It’s lovely, has a light scent to it. If you like Vaseline and haven’t yet tried this, then hurry up and pick up a tin before it’s gone for good!

  • Simple soothing eye balm.

I love eye balms and gels and as I’ve had a really bad time with sleep since the start of March, this product has been something of a holy grail to me. I use it when I’m getting ready to go out and when I wake up if I’m not getting ready to go out and such. I don’t use this before I go to bed because I find this wakes up my tired eyes, something I don’t need when I’m attempting to sleep. You only need the tiniest bit of this product for it to go a long way, this means it lasts for ages, which is great! Using my ring fingers I gently rub it under my eyes and onto my eyelid to give it a cooling feeling. Then I gently pat with my ring finger to ensure it’s absorbed into my skin. Unlike a cream, eye balms and gels are really cooling and sink straight into the skin, whereas a cream will sit there for longer before it’s finally absorbed into the skin. I love this product so much and it doesn’t break the bank either!

  • Barry M base coat, top coat & nail hardener all in one nail polish.

Whilst helping one of my friends find a clear polish that would strengthen her nails, I decided to pick this up to use as a base and top coat for my polishes. I’ve never owned one before and I didn’t want to buy anything too pricey so I picked this up for a cheap and cheerful price and boy, it is worth every penny! Since wearing this on my nails alone it’s made my nails stronger than they were previously. I don’t grow my nails long because I don’t really like them long, they collect dirt and break and it’s just easier to cut them short. I wear this alone at work and it makes my nails look and feel healthier than before. I love this and I recommend it to anyone who is having nail strength issues as it’s just as good as Sally Hansen, which is what my Mom uses to stop her nails from breaking.

  • Pocketbac hand sanitizer in Confetti Cake.

Since discovering Pocketbac’s in March, I don’t think I can ever use a normal hand sanitizer ever again. I bought two of these back in March whilst I was on my holiday from work and since then I’ve bought another. I’ve written reviews for the two I’ve purchased so far and you can find the review for this one here. I’ve been taking this one everywhere with me, there’s just something about the smell of vanilla frosting and sponge cakes that make me feel so warm and relaxed. I don’t overuse this when out because I want to make it last, but whilst walking around the shops with my Mom I’ve popped a little bit of this one whenever I’ve had a drink or snack and she loves it too! I recommend Pocketbac’s to anyone who hates the alcoholic smell of normal hand sanitizer. I bought this from eBay, more information can be found on the review I linked above.

So those were my favourites throughout March, I hope you enjoyed and apologise for them being a little late, but I mentioned before this post why and I’m sure people will understand.

What were your favourites in March? Let me know down in the comments.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I’m going to be tired for the majority of it! Keep eyes peeled for some posts over the weekend too! Until then, take care everyone, it’s great to be back.

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