March empties

March was a terrible month to be perfectly honest with you and I’m glad it’s gone, even though April won’t be much better. However I did use up a LOT of products this month, which makes  my bathroom a bit clearer for some new products. Such an excuse to go shopping for lovely things. 😛


So many products!!!


  • Coconut, almond and vanilla handwash.

One of my friends has this in her bathroom and I always enjoyed using it whenever I went over to her house and thought how soothing it was on my hands, so when I spied it for less than a £1 in Home Bargains, I snapped it up! However whilst it was conditioning and lovely the first few weeks of use, eventually it did what most hand washes do and made my hands incredibly dry and tight feeling. I decided instead of passing it onto someone else or throwing it away, I’d use it up alongside my Carex hand wash and before I knew it, it was finished! This stuff smells amazing and it’s a shame it made my hands dry as it means I won’t repurchase.

  • I Love… Blueberry & smoothie bubble bath & shower creme.

I love, love LOVE this product! I’ve had it in my cupboard for ages but just as I got to the last bit I left it until I found another bottle to buy. I still haven’t found one in Superdrug but I have found them online to buy. I decided it had been left to stew long enough and I popped it into a bath alongside a Space Girl bath bomb from Lush. If you have ever tried the blue raspberry Fanta frozen drinks at the cinema, then this is what it smells like. Exactly the same! I love blueberries so this was a match made in heaven for me when I first bought it. I’m sad that it’s gone out of my cupboard but I’m for sure going to make sure to buy myself another, as well as the hand lotion and maybe even the body butter/lotion. I Love… are amazing and if you haven’t tried them yet, I suggest you do ASAP!

  • Clinique liquid facial soap in mild.

As regular readers will know, I love Clinique and have done for as long as I can remember. This huge bottle (400ml) lasted me well over a year and I’m not surprised to be honest! A lot of people tell me how they complain with dry skin after using this product and to be honest my forehead is always dry after I use this, but for a part of my head that becomes very oily throughout the day (especially in summer!) this just helps it for half of the day. All you need is one pump of this product and it’ll go a long way, whether you use your hands or a facial sponge. I use my Soap & Glory face massage mit. It foams up beautifully and feels really creamy on the skin, washing it off is quick and easy which is what I want when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

  • Aquafresh extra care spearmint mouthwash.

I’ve had this a while and only just looking at the product, I didn’t realise it went out of date back in October! 😐 Hope it hasn’t damaged my teeth or anything… Anyway I didn’t pay for this product when I first got it, I actually got given it as a freebie for talking about my teeth at one of those booth giveaway stands in Birmingham one day whilst I was out shopping. I didn’t really like this mouthwash all that much, it was really strong and thus made my teeth more sensitive than they already are. I can’t complain seeing as this was a freebie, but I know I won’t be repurchasing it. I’ll stick with my sensitive mouthwashes in future.


  • The Body Shop chocomania body scrub.

I mentioned this product in (I think) my January favourites, well in a way I’ve changed my mind as I’m glad to see it used up. It’s not that this product didn’t work for it or that it was a bad product, it did work and it was great but the smell, was vile. I loved the chocolate smell at first but the more I smelt, the more artificial and crap it smelt. As well as that, whenever I used this in the bath it left a disgusting brown/grey scum line around my bath, which was extremely annoying and hard to clean off. It also did the same if I used this in the shower, but instead it left marks all over my bathroom wall tiles and on the shower curtain, which wasn’t as awkward to clean as the bath, but still annoying! As well as that this product made my skin feel baby soft and it was easy to use. I won’t repurchase the chocomania scrub in future, but I’m inclined to try the strawberry or lemon versions for summer! Due to their lighter colours I’m certain they won’t leave a horrible brown/grey colour behind after use.

  • The Body Shop chocomania shower cream.

I can’t remember if this got a mention in a previous favourites post, but I know I’ve mentioned it before. I actually really like the shower cream! It’s really creamy and makes my skin feel really soft every time I’ve used it. The smell is rather artificial chocolate but it smells like a cheap hot chocolate too, I find that it smells better out of the bottle and on the skin, than it does inside the bottle… If that makes ANY sense whatsoever! I would repurchase this, but only if it was on a special offer as I think I prefer the chocolate and mint shower gel from Original Source, that smells heavenly! I would recommend this to chocolate lovers though, it really did help me whilst I was giving up chocolate for lent.


Loads of face masks, again!

  • Superdrug cucumber cooling clay mask.

I will never, EVER use or buy this again! This face mask is supposed to be for sensitive skin, my face was on fire as soon as I put it on my skin and I immediately had to wash it off. I thought it might have been because my spots were rather bad at the time of putting it on, but even when I put it on a part of my skin that had no spots in the area whatsoever, it still burnt me. It left me with some rather nasty red blotches where it had been. I’m really sad that this didn’t work, for a start it say sensitive skin, which I have and yet when I use face masks that aren’t exactly ideal for my skin type, they still don’t burn like this did. I bought two of these so I think I’ll be giving the second one to my Mom, she doesn’t have sensitive skin like me so this might work for her better than it did for me. I’m sure it will work for other people, but this was terrible.

  • Montagne Jeunesse blemish mud face mask.

This is the second, maybe third time I’ve used this face mask and every time I use it I fall in love with it a little more. This is perfect for anyone with spot prone skin and I always tend to use this when I come to my time of the month when I get shit loads of them! It works really well and is smoothing on the skin as it contains aloe vera and due to that it smells really nice too, which is a thumbs up in my book! I bought this from Primark for 90p, that’s one of the cheapest places I’ve found these face masks, get more of a range in stock though Primark! I’d recommend these to teenagers who are starting to get spots, especially if they’re self-conscious about them as I know I hated spots when I was a teenager.

  • Montagne Jeunesse hot chocolate self heating face mask.

This is my first time trying a self heating mask and I didn’t know what to expect when I put it on. It’s like a warming sensation, which felt odd but it only felt like I was sunbathing so it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything like that, which I found strange seeing as I have sensitive skin, I guess I was lucky! I bought this in Primark for 90p too and I’m glad I did as it was nice to try this for such a bargain as I know I will be buying it again. This mask is great for cleansing your pores due to the chocolate and self heating that this mask has and contains. It made a nice change to a cool clay mask and I know I’ll be trying self heating masks again! As well as being great on this skin this also smelt delicious, just like Terry’s chocolate orange! I love chocolate orange scents so this was just perfect for me! I reckon this will be great for chilly autumn evenings and winter afternoons after Christmas shopping. Can’t wait to try this again and if you love chocolate, make sure to snap this up!

Well those were my empties for March, I used up a lot eh? I doubt the same will happen during April, but we’ll see eh? What did you use up in March? Let me know in the comments!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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