What’s in my bag!

Pre warning, this post IS going to be long!

Recently I treated myself to a new handbag, after seeing one of my favourite fashion bloggers TheStyledPlaylist with a burgundy rocco handbag (or purse as American’s call it) by Alexander Wang. I thought how beautiful it looked, but I can’t possibly afford its £730.00 price tag*.

So I went in search for something similar and after finding a helpful blog post about one, I ordered one I found from eBay in the colour that I wanted, dark red! It has cute gold studs on the bottom too.




I love this bag so much, it’s perfect! It’s roomy, light to carry and it’s the colour that I wanted! However there is a flaw, as you can more than likely see, there is a stud missing and one of them is a bit battered and doesn’t look right. I have debated sending it back for one that isn’t missing a stud, but for one stud I think I’m too lazy to send this back! However I’ll still contact the company and let them know.

I decided that with a new bag, I might as well do a what’s in my bag post! I’ve never done one before and I’m a typical nosey blog reader and YouTube guru viewer who likes to have a look at what other women have in their handbags. So get a drink and prepare your noses! 😛


The bag is really roomy, I fit all my work bits and bobs in here perfectly.


Like the rocco bag, it has a little pocket to keep bits and bobs in the side, which is super handy!

In my side pocket I’ve decided that it’ll be the perfect place to keep my chewing gum, my lip balms, my little compact mirror and when I have them my lipsticks and my phone (which was being charged at the point). As you can see from the image I had my lip balms, some Airwaves cherry chewing gum and my compact mirror. I’ve become addicted to Airwaves thanks to someone at work.


I always make sure to take an umbrella out with me incase it rains, however since I bought this one in November/December I’ve rarely used it. Typical! It has lots of cute owls on, I bought it from New Look. I’m trying to use this can of LYNX her up as I just have it lying around in my cosmetics drawer and it needs to go. I use this at work whenever I’m feeling the need for a spray in between breaks. My car keys are adorable! I have my 101 Dalmatian and a husky puppy plush that I bought the day I bought my car. I have such a big key ring on them so that I can find them at the bottom of any handbag I decide to use. Finally I have my u25 badge and my padlock that I wear and use at work. I serve people cigarettes and ID them for an arcade so it means if you look under 25, I’ll ID you. 😉


I got some holiday booked at work today so I had my letter in my bag with the conformation dates and it’s also where I bought my chewing gum, so the second packet of Airwaves was in the bottom of my bag. The strap for my bag was at the bottom of my bag too, which I can see me using whenever I go out shopping, for drinks, etc. I’m reading manga at the  moment and have been taking this to work to read on my breaks. I LOVE this book, it’s Azumanga Daioh and is what the anime is based on. I’ll be writing a blog post about this in the next few days!


I have my odd bits and pieces of cosmetics type things in here too! I always have my Garnier hand cream with me as apart from my eczema steroid cream, this is the only thing that keeps my hands smooth and such. I also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in here so I can use it whenever I feel the need to, which is a lot to be honest. I’m a freak for hand sanitizer, as you’ve probably noticed from my Pocketbac reviews. Finally I pop my perfume in my bag, my choice for today was Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. There’s more about it in the post here if you’re interested.


My car keys and my car radio are a staple for my handbag!


I love my house keys! I used to have loads of key rings on here but about a month ago I took majority of them as there was just far too many. I’ll always keep my owl key ring on here because it reminds me of one of my friends who I don’t see that much, she has the same one as I do and we both bought them when I last saw her. I also have my Sackboy key ring on here, this little guy is from the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet and as soon as I saw him for sale in a shop in town I snatched him up! He reminds me of my nephew, who loves that game. I have my two Lego key rings too, which I bought recently. I’ve owned an old R2D2 key ring since I was fifteen and nearly ten years later I still have it, even though it recently left my keys to be replaced by a new one. At the same time as buying this one I also ordered myself one of Frodo from Lord of The Rings. It was a toss between Frodo or Bilbo from The Hobbit and you can see which one I went for. I wish they would sell a Pippin one, he’s my favourite by far!


This is my Crooked Teeth wallet by Loungefly. It was a 22nd birthday present from my Gran and I love it so much. I’ve only ever really owned two wallets, a Ruby Gloom one and this one. I love foxes and as soon as I saw this I KNEW I had to have it. I’d love to get the matching bag and purse to go with these, but they’re hard to find for cheap prices. I doubt I’ll ever want to buy another one, especially since my Gran passed away two weeks today.


There’s an inside pocket of the bag which I’ll pop little bits and pieces inside. I keep my plasters in here which are cute Hello Kitty ones that I got from Poundland. As well as that I keep my little drawstring bag with my gemstones inside. I’m a collector of these and believe they all serve different purposes etc. I’ll make a post about these in future if people show interest.

Alas, that’s everything out of my new handbag!

I have to disclaim that I know it’s bad to buy replicas and such but I tell you, if I had a spare £730 AND could find the burgundy version of the rocco, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. But until that day this cutie will be hanging off of my shoulder and wrist for however long it takes.

I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions about anything in this post then please feel free to leave a comment for me!

Until next time, take care and I hope everyone’s week has started off well.

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*Price taken from Harvey Nichols website.

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