You haven’t got rid of me yet!

I’m still here, still alive… Just about anyway!

I apologise once again for being so quiet of late, as I mentioned over a month ago, I had a loss in my family and a month after that we finally laid my Gran to rest. Due to these plans and such I’ve been busy, grieving and trying to keep my family, as well as myself occupied and sadly my blogging hasn’t really been on that list.

HOWEVER I miss blogging and will be writing up lots of posts for you all this weekend (I hope anyway).

Also my laptop has somehow been able to delete Photoshop off of here so I haven’t been able to do an April wish list this month, which was a tad on the sad side, but that being said I haven’t really wanted that much this month anyway. Hopefully I’ll have that back on here by May so I can do a May wish list!

As well as that, I have new glasses! Which I will for sure be writing a post about for Saturday (27th April).

I really need to get my blog back on track, I’ve just been so awfully stressed and busy lately with family issues, as well as my own that I had no time to even think what I wanted to write about, let alone sit down and get on with it.

I’m pretty excited for May and I’m hoping with it, brings some exciting posts and news for the future!

I hope all of my readers are well, drop me a comment down below if you fancy a chat!

See you soon and take care.

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