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Over the past couple of weeks spring has finally began to show in the UK and I love spring, it symbols the start of the year for me as well as new beginnings, such as new-born lambs, which I remember fondly learning about every year at school around Easter.

As well as that I also love spring for cherry blossoms beginning to open up and show on the trees that are near where I live, I pass loads of them on my way to work and it makes me really happy and I try to cherish their presence whilst I can as they don’t last very long.

Although the weather has been really sunny the past week or so, it has also had some April showers, which I love. A good day starts off with a gentle or heavy spring shower outside with my bedroom window open whilst I relax and read a book. I hope to have more mornings like this in the next couple of weeks.

My friend Poppy told me about the Spring Tag from found over on Gem’s Beauty so I thought I’d give the tag a go myself! I hope you like it, I know I’ve enjoyed answering the questions in the tag.

1) What’s your favourite spring nail polish?
Favourite spring nail polish… I can’t pick one, I have two! These are Mint Green and Blueberry Ice Cream by Barry M. They’re gorgeous cream/pastel shades and as you probably know (or at least guessed by the names) they’re green and blue. They work amazing together or on their own and now I have my new nail design tool from Avon, I can do some really cute patterns and designs for evenings and nights out with friends. I love cream and pastel shades and own pretty much every colour available (pink, yellow and purple) but these two shades are definitely my favourites out of them all!
2) What is your most have lip colour this spring?
Dark colours will always be my favourite shades to wear no matter what season, but this spring I’m definitely feeling coral. I’ve bought two coral lipsticks recently and I’ve already worn them both a lot and spring has only just started to show recently. Coral works on all skin tones and for ages I was too scared to give it a go, which is rich coming from someone who wears dark pinks, going on purple! However they work really well and lately are my lipstick of choice for work and nights out at the moment and I’d recommend this shade to anyone this season, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous tan.
3) Show us your favourite Spring Dress?
Definitely something floral or lace. I only have one lace dress, which is cream. I’ve only worn it once and I teamed it up with black biker boots and a black biker jacket for a rock chic look. It looked awesome but this isn’t my favourite spring dress. I can pick one, so I’m going to pick two. They’re both recent purchases and I think they’ll look lovely during spring time. They’re both floral skater dresses and one is red with white flowers on with some partial black detailing. I picked this one up in Primark for £10, maybe £12. bargain! The second dress is one I bought earlier this week from New Look, it’s a blue dress with white flowers all over. I picked this one up for £14.99. I can’t wait to start wearing them during the day with some cute flat shoes or boots and my pleather studded biker jacket. I’m pretty sure I have more spring dresses in my wardrobe, but these are going to be two of my favourites for this year! Also I know I’m not exactly showing you the dresses, but they will be in what I wore posts VERY soon, I promise!
4) What’s your favourite Spring Flower?
Definitely cherry blossoms. They’re a beautiful flower and I would love to have one in whatever garden I happen to own in my future. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I pass lots of these driving to work and they’re just beginning to show on the road I drive down. I’ll be really excited to go along that road on one of my days off to take pictures of them to put up here at some time. Years ago I designed a tattoo to have on  my back of a cherry blossom tree and since the passing of my Gran I have thought more about getting a tattoo to show my family and what they mean to me. I’d get the cherry blossom tree with doves on the branches to show each family member who I love and have lost, my Gran would be the first dove on there. But this is only an idea and probably something that won’t happen.
5) What is your favourite Spring Scarf/Accessory?
My white skull scarf that I bought from Stratford Upon Avon last summer. I’ve posted it a few times in some of my what I wore posts so go over and have a butchers if you’re interested in looking at it. It’s such a gorgeous scarf as its huge and rather warm for something that isn’t exactly made from a thick material. It looks greats for spring because of the variety of flowers around the skulls and it goes with anything and everything in my wardrobe. I haven’t worn it much lately but I know it’ll go really well with the spring dresses I mentioned above. I’m so excited to get it back out of my wardrobe after the cold winter we’ve had this year.
6) What Spring Trend(s) are you most excited for this year? (makeup, fashion or both)
I’m rather excited about the monochrome trend we’ve had sprung up (see what I did there?) this year! Also the candy and pastel shades look really nice too, but this being said for both trends I haven’t yet found anything from either of these trends on the high street that I like. I went round the shops on my own earlier this week and had a good look around but nothing really took my fancy. I don’t really follow a certain trend, I tend to mix together the trends I like to create my own style. AND even though it isn’t trendy on the high street right now, I really like grunge still. I think it works well with every season and I’ve noticed that people are heading towards more acid grunge due to summer coming up. I don’t really follow trends as I mentioned, but monochrome gets a thumbs up from moi!
7) Favourite Spring Candle?
Sweet Strawberry by Yankee Candle is for sure my favourite. I still need to buy myself a jar of it for burning and I know the next time I go shopping in town, I’ll be picking one up for burning. It smells so fresh and fruity and reminds me of the strawberry doll my Gran bought for me on a family holiday when I was six years old. I still have that doll somewhere, which I’ll never throw away, it still smells of strawberries and smells exactly like the Sweet Strawberry candle, which floods back so many memories. Also, I haven’t purchased it yet but I know for a fact that Fairy Dust by Lily Flame will be a second favourite. I smelt it in Waitrose recently and have fallen in love with it, I regret not buying it so much and have since been online looking for it at a bargain price. Watch this space for reviews on both candles in future.
8) Favourite Body Spray/Perfume?
This is such a hard question to answer as I love all my perfumes! If I had to just pick one I’d have to go with Miracle by Lancome. I haven’t used this before during the summer as I only received it as a Christmas present in 2012, but from its light and floral notes, I can already tell its going to be a winner for spring from morning until night. I love this perfume and was one of my favourite Christmas presents in 2012, which my brother bought me. It’s a shame its such a huge bottle (100ml) but who cares, it does the job and the weight in my handbag is definitely worth it. I recommend this perfume who anyone who doesn’t like strong scents, is trying to build up a nice little perfume collection or just wants something new. Try it out for spring this year, its beautiful.
9) What is Spring like where you live?
Spring where I live often  involves lots of rain, more rain and a bit of sunshine. I’m from the UK so we have our English April showers every year, all year! I don’t mind the rain to be honest as long as I’m either inside, have an umbrella and it’s warm. Nothing worse than being cold and stuck in the rain. The past week we’ve had some warm weather with patches of rain thrown in too. Typical English weather to be honest and everyone knows it. 😛
10) What is your favourite thing about Spring?
Nature, the feeling that newborns are coming into the world and that flowers are starting to open up from their safe buds to be greeted by the warm spring sun… And rain of course! When I was I was in school we learnt about how everything starts to change when spring starts. The leaves on the trees start to grow back and appear, lambs, chicks, ducks, calves and all over sorts of wildlife are born and that flowers are beginning to show themselves too. I’ve always loved that about spring and I think it’s because my school mentioned it so much and my family and I always visited the countryside so I actually got to see these things happening with my own eyes that I was being taught at school instead of just witnessing them from a text-book. I can’t wait to head out into the countryside soon, it’s been a while and I miss it quite a lot now.
11) Are you a Spring Cleaner?
I’d love to lie and say I am but I’m really not. I spring clean as and when I feel it needs to be done, which is usually on a cold winter day when I have nothing better to do and want to warm myself up. I can see this changing this year after what has happened lately, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m rather lazy when it comes to de-cluttering things in my room and often do it when it just gets too much, this being said my room isn’t untidy or anything. After being asked this question I can see me having a sort out soon…
12) Any plan for a Spring Break or Upcoming Vacation?
Well my next holiday off work is in May for a week and after that I won’t have my next one until September, which will be two weeks. I don’t plan to go away but I do intend to go and stay with one of my friends in Wolverhampton for a couple of days, as well as going to visit Poppy for a relaxing day. I really need to get away from where I live for a while, living in the city is getting too much for me and plans to move to the countryside or at least a quiet town are on the top of my list of things to do this year. As for vacation, I would like to go on holiday in my two weeks off work but for some reason I can’t see that happening. Is it dreadful if I say I haven’t been on holiday since 2005? That’s nearly 10 years! Think I deserve one, don’t you?
Well that’s the end of the Spring tag! I really enjoyed doing this, (even if it’s 3.40am now, but what the heck I couldn’t sleep) and I really wanted to get something written up for my blog. I’m really excited for spring this year, not so much for hay fever but that can easily be sorted with some cheap medication from Boots!
I’ve really missed posting on my blog! I want to see you guys doing the spring tag! If you have a blog and have done this tag please let me know as I’d love to read your answers.
For now take care all and I hope you had a wonderful weekend, here’s to a new week and roll on May, one of my favourite months!
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