April favourites

For once I have my April favourites out on time! Can I get a hallelujah over here? I don’t have loads this month, but I have my list and I really loved these things this month. Plus as it’s been pretty rough this month I’ve been treating myself to bits and pieces, so majority of my favourites this month are new things. Hope you like!


Lot’s of new pieces!


  • Possibility Orange Cupcake shower gel, shampoo & bubble bath.

I love the Possibility shower gels and even though this is the second one I’ve owned, it won’t be the last. Raspberry Pavlova was the first one I owned and it was amazing, since then I haven’t re purchased as I wish to try more of their scents. Orange Cupcake is amazing! It smells just like an orange cupcake and even has the recipe for them on the bottle, which I think is adorable. This is the perfect shower gel for spring and summer and is really conditioning and soft on the skin too. I love using it before going to work and in the bath alongside Brightside bubble bar by Lush. I love using this before bed, as when I snuggle into bed I can smell the mild citrus scents and it sends me off into a peaceful sleep. The Possibility shower gels remind me of the ones that Philosophy do and if it wasn’t for brand names, labels etc then I personally wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two. It’s a great company for people who can’t afford the high prices Philosophy charge, or people who just don’t want to pay those prices. I picked this up for £1.50 at my local family run pharmacy, but I’m pretty sure you can pick this up either online, in New Look and Home Bargains, as I’ve seen Possibility products stocked there in the past and present. Definitely give Possibility a go if you like Philosophy!

  • Tango invigorating shower gel in Apple.

I’d heard about Tango bringing out shower gels from one of the girls I work with and I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I saw the Apple version when I was buying my Possibility shower gel, I snapped it up pretty quickly. It comes in three other scents, cherry, orange and lemon. I NEED to try them all! These are also stocked in Poundland, but I haven’t yet had a look in there for the other scents. As something that is only sold for a £1 I worried that this may cause me some sort of allergic reaction, not smell any good or even make me feel clean after washing, however this stuff is amazing and I’m surprised it only sells for a £1 a bottle! It contains aloe vera which is soothing on the skin and moisturizes too, which is what I need. I use this in the mornings before work because it really does wake me up and gets me ready for the day ahead, as well as that I use this when it’s been warm recently in the UK as aloe vera is known for its cool skin soothing. I can’t wait to try the cherry, lemon and orange versions of this as I think it’ll be great for spring and summer!


  • Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in Cotton Candy.

I bought this cream puff after seeing a YouTuber talking about it in her March favourites. The colour looked lovely and it sounded like a great product for nights out and at work, so I decided to give it a go for £2.99, what harm could it do eh? I’d heard many mixed reviews on this product with some people saying it was drying on the lips due to it being a matte finish and some saying how creamy it is for a matte and how long-lasting it is. Personally I love this product and it hasn’t dried my lips out at all! The colour is a gorgeous pink, like a dark Barbie pink. If I can’t be bothered to wear anything dark on my lips I’ve reached for this and I know it’s going to be one of my favourite lip colours and products for a long time. For the price I recommend anyone to try these if they’re contemplating it and I know I’m going to try their other pink shade Fairy Cake. My own grumble with this product is that there aren’t enough shades to choose from!

  • Chap Stick lip balm in apple.

We sell this lip balm at work and I thought it sounded really nice so I bought myself one to try. It’s amazing! I’ve never owned a Chap Stick before and I’ve always just associated it with Katy Perry. It smells of fresh green apples and for spring and summer it’ll be perfect! I’ve ended up buying another one just so I can have one at home and have one for in my handbag for when I’m out and about. On a recent night out I was too lazy to keep applying my lipstick as I was out with a bunch of guys so I just kept this in my jean pocket to apply as and when. My lips stayed soft and tasty all night and I can’t complain! It leaves a slight gloss on the lips, which I like! I’m still faithful to my Palmer’s cocoa butter but this just makes a nice change for the warmer and rainy seasons ahead of us.

  • Diesel Loverdose EDP.

I LOVE this perfume and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it plenty of times on my blog and here is it again! This is my perfect year round fragrance and it’s why it’s in my favourites this month. I especially love using this on nights out due to its dark and sexy scent and it reminds me of some sort of cocktail with tequila in it, strange but just my opinion on it! I’ve been using this on pretty much most of my nights out this month, as well as when I’m on a late shift at work. I’m running low on this now to the point where it doesn’t want to spray properly, so I’ll have to be buying myself a new bottle very soon and thank God for sales quite frankly as I’ve found 50ml bottles of this for £29.99! I only have a 30ml bottle at the moment, so investing in a bigger bottle next is the right move for me.


  • Perfect Formula strengthen & seal sheer pink gel coat polish.

This was actually part of a big set but my Mom gave me this as she had two of them in the set she bought. It’s a sheer pink gel coat nail polish that you apply everyday, but I pop on two coats for leave for half of the week, remove and repeat. I love wearing this as it’s like a clear nail polish but with a nice pink undertone which makes the nails look really bright, as well as make them stronger. My nails aren’t really weak but I wouldn’t like to worry that they could go weak if I didn’t take proper care of them. I don’t use this as a base or a top coat, it looks good enough of its own! However I have noticed in day light that this sometimes looks a little blue toned, thus like it’s under a UV light. I’d recommend this polish for anyone who is struggling with weak nails, as it’s certainly made mine stronger and they weren’t even weak in the first place! As well as having this in a sheer pink, you can also buy it in clear. She bought this from QVC, so if you just search for Perfect Formula on their website then you’ll soon find this product!

So those are my favourites from April! I know I’m going to have lot’s of products in May already after what I’ve bought at the end of April and already used loads! Excited!

What did you enjoy using this month? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care.

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