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Another day, another tag! Another one that my friend Poppy has found and recommended for me to give a go and I for one am excited! I love music, as you readers may know from previous posts I have made about music and how I like many different genres of music and how it has changed me and formed the way I am over the years.

So, let’s get on with the music tag!

What’s your favourite type of music?

When I was younger I would have straight away said rock, but of late it’s become a mixture of various rock and various club genres. I love both these genres of music and are ones I’ve been introduced to from a young age by my oldest brother, who loves both of these genres of music. As time went by I developed a taste for Christian rock, metal, alternative, punk rock and electronica.

What’s your least favourite type of music?

There are so many genres I cannot stand but fair play to people who like them and can’t stand the genres I listen to. Reggae (even though I like UB40), hip hop, rap, pop and country are some of the few that won’t ever be on my iPod, or on a CD for my car radio. I could go on forever why I don’t like these, but I won’t.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

There are a couple I’ve had the privilege of enjoying. I loved seeing Bob Dylan with my Dad, who is a huge fan of his and Foo Fighters with my brother when I was fifteen. Those two gigs have very fond memories behind them, which I won’t forget. However I loved both times that I saw Evanescence live. The first time was in November 2011, the second being in November 2012. I was going through a lot the second time I saw them and this gig really cheered me up. Both the support acts were amazing too and for once I can say that I’ve found two new bands to listen to and enjoy due to going to see my favourite band live. The reason I loved both of their gigs so much was that I waited nearly 10 years to see them live and the fact I met the lads in the band afterwards was just an added bonus. I waited 3 hours to meet them all after and it really was worth the wait! I can’t wait for them to tour again as I know I’ll be up at 9am again to get my tickets ordered!

What albums are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listened to lots of albums lately, especially whilst driving to and from places. Here’s a list of some I’ve been listened to loads lately;

Flyleaf – Memento Mori.

Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here.

Alkaline Trio – Agony & Irony.

Calvin Harris – 18 Months.

Evanescence – Fallen.

What’s your favourite bands/artists/favourite album?

Evanescence, Alkaline Trio, Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance, The Pretty Reckless, Justice, Maroon 5, Knife Party, cKy, Deadmau5, Bloodhound Gang, Daft Punk, Automatic Loveletter, Calvin Harris, Queens of the Stone Age, Limp Bizkit and more.

My favourite album is definitely Fallen by Evanescence. That album means so much to me and I love it to death. Another one of my favourites is Discovery by Daft Punk.

If you could instantly know how to play any instrument, what would it be?

Bass guitar and drums. I have my bass but I’m not exactly a pro at playing it, mostly because I need a good teacher, I’m a very good teacher to myself to be honest. Also I’ve always loved the thought of playing drums, it’d be pretty cool!

Aww that tag was so much fun to do! I’ll definitely be doing more tags in the future as I think they’re really nice to do for you guys to get to know me a little bit better than you sort of do already.

I want to pass this tag onto anyone who reads this and owns a blog of their own and link it in comments so I can go and read it! 😀

Have fun, I know I did!

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