April empties

Wow I can’t believe it’s May, we’re almost half way through the year! 😐 It’s rather scary, isn’t it?

I didn’t use up much in April, but I can tell you now I have LOADS already for May and it’s only the 13th! Apologies now, but as I said I didn’t use up much, much only being four items but this is due to how hectic March had been and thus how hectic April had been too, which is why I’m glad to see the back of it. May is one of my favourite months and I’m already enjoying it. 🙂


  • Head & Shoulders shampoo in sensitive.

I mentioned this back in my February empties, I can’t believe in two months I’ve used up another bottle! This still does the job of getting rid of my dandruff and I don’t think anything else will. I know this is bad for your hair and it really does strip the bad from your hair, if it can strip hair dye from your hair then it’ll sure as hell get rid of my dandruff. I recommend this to anyone with awful dandruff, mine used to be really bad until I started to use this.

  • Carex hand wash in Strawberry Laces.

I love this hand wash so much and already have a replacement at the sink. This keeps my  hands lovely and soft, as well as smelling amazing! The smell lingers on the skin for ages and it smells just like sweet strawberry laces that you would get as a kid… As well as now of course. 😛 This is only a £1 in most supermarkets and high street beauty stores so if you want to try it you won’t break the bank and I highly suggest you try it! Especially if you get really dry hands like I do, due to my eczema.

  • Carex hand wash in Chocolate Orange.

At first I loved this hand wash but after a couple of days I began to grow sick of it… As much as I love chocolate orange smells as they remind me of Terry’s chocolate orange, this was just sickly and artificial after a while and quite frankly, I couldn’t wait to get it used up and in my bin! I think chocolate orange can safely stay as my autumn and winter scent, not spring and summer. It’s a tad too sickly for that. Other than that, this was just as good as Strawberry Laces for keeping my hands soft, as well as clean.

  • Superdrug apricot exfoliating scrub.

This mask was horrible! The exfoliating bits in there were great for making sure to scrub any dead skin cells off of the skin but the state of the bath afterwards was an absolute joke! After a nice relaxing bath you expect to snuggle into bed in your favourite pajamas and relaxing. I had to clean the whole bath after this, no exaggeration used, whatsoever! I’ve used one of their scrub masks before and I didn’t have this issue. Other than that my skin felt really soft and smooth. Just a shame this made such a bloody mess!

Well those were my empties for April, you best be ready for May as there are LOADS of products I need to show you, majority of them are pretty damn good too!

What did you use up in April? Let me know in the comments down below.

I’m going to be away in Wolverhampton until Wednesday late afternoon/evening so I’ll have plenty scheduled for whilst I’m away, hope everyone has had a great weekend and has had a good start to the week. 🙂

Take care all, speak soon!

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