Brokenprophetblog has a mascot!

Yes you read right! My blog now has a little mascot of its own!

I wish I could say it’s a cute little puppy, but alas it isn’t… But if anyone wishes to donate me a puppy to care for and have as my blog mascot then I wouldn’t complain. 😉

The real mascot is my cute little Dragonite plushie! I bought him from eBay a month or two ago and he sits on my bedside table and often sits on the bed when I write my blog posts, so I’ve decided he will be the mascot.


Isn’t he adorable?! I bought one of the scarves from Lush that you wrap bath bombs and such in and it looked too nice to keep in my drawer so I put it around his neck.

He doesn’t have a name yet, I don’t know what to call him! Any ideas?

He’ll be featuring on blog posts every now and again, such as fashion and review posts.




I can see him being a hit with the ladies. 😉

Anyhoo I know this posts isn’t fashion or beauty related but I thought it was nice and it shows what a total nerd I am!

Leave name suggestions in comments! If you have a blog and leave any recommendations I’ll recommend your blogs over on my Twitter as a thank you. 🙂

Keep eyes peeled for an OPI review tomorrow!

Until next time, take care all, I’m off to watch more Lord of The Rings!

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