OPI I’m All About Ears review

Even though I love OPI, I’ve only ever owned one of their polish, that being Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland collection that OPI brought out to coincide with the film by Tim Burton.

Since then I have wanted more by OPI but have never really wanted to pay the £9.99 price tag so I always just left it and dreamt of finding them cheap in the not too far away future. On a recent blog post by JetleyMess, she mentioned how she bought three brand new OPI polishes for just £3.99 each!

Fragrance Direct are an awesome online store I discovered a few years back when I was after some new perfume at a decent price and since then I’ve usually gone to them if I want anything at a good price. They don’t just sell perfume tough, they sell make up, skin care and hair products too! This is where JetleyMess got her OPI polishes from.

So I had a look on there at what polishes they had cheap and I noticed they had three from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. They have The Color Of Minnie and the one I bought, I’m All About Ears. They did have If You Moust You Moust when I purchased I’m All About Ears but that must have sold out since then. They have loads of polishes to choose from mind, from various past collections.

I decided to go with I’m All About Ears as it is a gorgeous shade and one I don’t have in my collection and thought would look great for spring and summer. As well as that the shade seems to go with my Lickable lipstick by MAC which I love already.



The polish itself is a gorgeous hot pink colour with red, blue, purple and various shades of pink glitter/shimmer throughout it. The polish dries with a gel finish and feel to it, which I thought was really nice, especially for summer. It’s not thick and is really easy to apply as well, which makes it perfect for nights out.


One thing I love the most about this polish is the brush. It’s huge and with only a couple of brushes the whole nail is painted. This picture really shows how pretty the glitter is too, which is nice. It just makes me want to use it all the more, for the brush alone!


Please excuse my man hands, I have the worse nails ever! I love how this polish looks on my nails though. This is with two coats, I reckon with a third it would look fantastic, but I thought two was more than enough. I wore this for a couple of days that I had off of work and it didn’t chip at all and that was without a top coat too. For something that has shimmer/glitter throughout it, this polish removed in one gentle sweep of the remover being on it. Which for me is a thumbs up as I don’t get much chance to wear polish due to work.

Overall I love this nail polish and I know it’s going to be one of my favourites for the spring and summer, especially if I go on holiday this year.

I always wanted one or two of the polishes from this collection and I finally have my hands on one and for only £3.99! Worth the wait eh? I know I’m super excited for the second Minnie Mouse collection to come out in a month or so from OPI, if you haven’t seen the promo images for it yet, here’s one for you:

I’m pretty damn excited for this collection, it’s going to be called Couture de Minnie Collection and will be available for us UK people to buy and paint our nails with in June, only a month left to wait ladies!

I hope you enjoyed this review, I know I can’t wait to wear this polish again, currently have nail stickers on so I won’t be able to paint them for a couple of days.

If you have any questions about this polish then feel free to drop me any in the comments down below, I’m happy to answer any queries you may have.

Until next time, take care and get your nails looking pretty!

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