So Nat, why the blog name change?

I know plenty will be wondering why the sudden change. I was supposed to be changing my name to There Might Be Coffee back in April, but due to so much happening this wasn’t able to happen and it had to be pushed back into last night, when it was finally changed!

At the time of creating my blog BrokenProphetBlog seemed a good name to stick with at the time, but back then I didn’t realise that this blog would turn into a fashion and beauty blog.

So, where did I get the name from? It’s actually the name of a Deadmau5 song, which I love the name of and reminds me of me and my family pretty well. Whenever I would go to visit my Gran she would put the kettle on and make up cups of tea and coffee, my Mom is the exact same.

As well as that, one of my dreams is to own my own coffee shop in the countryside where people can come in for coffee, home made cakes and read one of the many classic books that would be stocked there. It’s an idea me and my best friend came up with and fingers crossed we can both fulfill it in the future!

So yes, now you know! Nothing will be changing on the blog, just the name! 😛

So I’ll bid you goodbye for now and leave you with the song that inspired the new name, please let me know in the comments what you think of it!

One thought on “So Nat, why the blog name change?

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