A week full of accomplishments!

I recently had a week off of work to do whatever I wished and whilst I’d hoped to go on holiday with my Mom (due to what has happened lately) sadly, she wasn’t able to get the same week off of work as me, so I decided to go traveling on my own.

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From the Monday until Wednesday I went to stay with one of my friends in Wolverhampton. I’d never stayed over with any of my friends for as long as I did at the start of the week and it was a huge accomplishment for me to do. I know to you it may seem pretty simple, but for me it’s a huge thing, not just for that but for my sleep too. For some odd reason if I share a room or even a bed with someone, whether they’re a friend, boyfriend, relative, etc I hardly sleep due to worry I may do or even say something daft while I sleep. I had a lovely sleep though during my stay and I was kinda proud of myself for this.

As well as accomplishing this I FINALLY got to watch all three Lord of The Rings from start to finish. I had previously watched them all but got confused after watching the first one and gave up the thought of being able to understand them at all. However my friend spoke through the films with me if I wasn’t able to understand anything, which was great. Lots of tears were had and I intend to watch them all again on my own very soon!

We also went to see Star Trek Into Darkness, which I loved so much! Cried not long after it started, halfway through and near the end of the film. We cried lots of tears! My friend put the first one on for me to watch before we went to watch the second one later that evening and I really enjoyed the first, more so the second one and I hope to go and watch it again!

When it came to leaving and coming home I was really sad and I ended up having a bit of  a cry when I finally got back into my room. They were a mixture of happy that I’d had such a lovely couple of days with my friend and sad on the fact that it was over and I wasn’t sure how to spend the rest of my holiday, plus my friend is leaving to go back home soon and it saddens me that I don’t know when I will see her next.

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I got to spend some time with my Mom as well during this time, as she wasn’t at work for a couple of days so we used this to have quality time together. One day we went shopping and for something to eat and another we went to play bingo, yes I’m 23 and I play bingo! The accomplishment here was that I drove the furthest I ever have, whether it was on my own or with someone and that meant and still means an awful lot to me! We drove to a local Westfield Shopping Centre, which took us just over half an hour as we left when traffic was rather heavy. Parking was stressful but soon enough we found somewhere and went shopping, I didn’t buy much but I’ll hopefully be making a post about the things I’ve bought throughout May towards the end of the month.

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Finally on the Saturday I went to visit my friend Poppy over in Cheltenham for the day, I’d been meaning to go for ages but if it wasn’t work, it was me being poorly but finally I didn’t have work or a stomach bug standing in my way and off I went to see her. This is the furthest I’ve ever traveled on a train on my own before and the journey there was a little nerve wrecking due to how  many people were on the train, resulting in me sitting by the doors with another person. Reading The Hobbit and texting friends helped a lot though and before I knew it I was arriving at Cheltenham and meeting Poppy.

She was an amazing host and showed me around Cheltenham and Gloucestershire, as this is where I’m hoping to move either by the end of the year or the start of 2014, why? Because I’m hopefully going to study my masters course at the University of Gloucestershire. I want to become a creative writing lecturer and this is where I need to start since completing my undergraduate stage at university back in 2011. Wow that feels like so long ago now I’m typing it, I feel old now…

But since going there on Saturday, I’ve finally realised this IS what I want to do and this IS where I want to be, no matter how long it takes or how much hard work it’ll take to get there.

As well as this I came to realise over the entire week what amazing friends I have, whether they’re a train journey away or not. I talk to them almost everyday and I love them all to bits!

I had such an amazing week and since then things have sort of gone downhill, but we won’t talk about that. I just have to do what I can to mend what could be broken and see what the future holds.

I want to thank Gabriella for being an amazing host as well as one of my closest and best friends. If you have Tumblr and are a fan girl, go and check her Tumblr page, it’s full of amazing things! If you send her a message, tell her I said hi!

I also want to say a huge thank you to Poppy, as I mentioned she was also an amazing host when I went to Cheltenham. She showed me everywhere I’ll need to know about for when I take my masters course at Gloucestershire University. She recently posted her first video over on her blog and I’m so damn proud of her. I met her just over a year ago but I can safely say she has and is one of my closest and best friends too.

It’s weeks like this that make me realise that no matter what happens, my friends will always be there for me and I know I’ll certainly be there for them too.

I’m sorry for the soppy post, but I wanted to share with you all the accomplishments I made that week and if I can do them, you can too! I’m going to finally create a bucket list, exciting times!

I hope everyone’s week is going off to a good start and I’ll talk to you all soon!

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