May favourites

Lot’s of favourites this month! So glad that I have so many for once to talk about, but due to the warm weather and my week off of work I’ve had plenty of time to start branching out a little. Enjoy!


Surprised I fit everything into one picture! Classic theremightbecoffee sink picture. 😉


  • Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath.

This shower gel is one of the best things I have ever used and I’ll be sad when  this and my larger bottle run out because it’ll mean I’ll have to wait until the Christmas period to buy myself another bottle! I’ve never used this on my hair until recently when I ran out of a “nice” shampoo to use (c’mon I’m not going to class Head & Shoulders as nice!) so I thought, “sod it, I’ll give Philosophy a go.” and Sugar Plum Fairy being one of my favourite scents, I give it a go. This stuff is amazing for your hair! It leaves it really soft, lathers amazingly and leaves your hair smelling amazing. I used this for the first time before I went to stay in Wolverhampton for a couple of days and on my last night of being there I woke up to a gorgeous smell, sniffing away for ages trying to find out what it was, it was my hair! Never had that before and since then I’ve been using this on my hair. I wrote a review about this back in March if you want more information and such about it.

  • Philosophy Summer Grace shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath.

This isn’t actually mine, it’s my Mom’s but I’ve kind of stolen it off her to use… Why? Because it smells damn amazing, that’s why! We’ve had some lovely weather recently and this scent, like the name is very summery so what better time to use it? I used this on my body, as well as on my hair and it left my body and hair feeling soft and smooth, as well as smelling lovely. The fragrance isn’t too strong so I’ve really like to use this before going to bed, especially on a Sunday evening when my bed has been changed and I can just snuggle in and smell the scent under the covers. So good! Everyone needs one of the Grace scents in their shower!

  • Nivea In-Shower body moisturiser/skin conditioner.

Everyone is going CRAZY for this product! Apart from Lush with their in-shower moisture bars, this is the first thing to come out on the high-street like this and all us ladies are going mad for it. My Mom bought this and told me all about it, knowing full well I would fall in love, however I shrugged it off and commented what a dumb idea it sounded. I must have been on some sort of stupid that day because upon getting home that evening I tried this product and have stolen it off of my Mom. I use it everyday now after showering and it’s made a noticeable change in my skin, especially arms and legs. I’ve also been complimented by a few people at how soft my skin looks and feels, which is really nice. At times I can be too lazy or in too much of a hurry to moisture my skin after a shower so this is perfect. It only takes an extra 2 minutes to use in the shower so it won’t take up much time. I’ll be doing a full review on this ASAP!


  • Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body spray.

This body spray is gorgeous! I’ve owned the trio of body sprays by Soap & Glory for a couple of months now (I think…) and I love them all so much, however this one gets used more frequently than the other two. I use this before I  leave the house as it’s such a light, spring/summer scent that it’s lovely to wear. It’s also really cooling on the skin too, so perfect for holidays! I took this with me when I went over to Wolverhampton to use during the daytime and I loved it. It’s not a huge bottle and can easily be kept in a handbag during nights out and such. I own the 100ml bottle but you can get a 200ml version, which I think I’ll opt for next time!

  • Cuticura hand hygiene lotion.

I love hand sanitizer, ever since a young age. It just makes me feel clean and germ free and I always keep a bottle on me, as well by my bed at night, just because you never know! The only place I don’t actually have any is in my car, that needs to change! I saw this when I was out shopping with my Mom and saw that it said it was a lotion and as sanitizer can be quite drying on the skin due to the alcohol I thought I’d pick it up to try for 99p. It’s amazing! It’s not a miracle hand lotion, but this being said I do have eczema so that’s probably why. It feels really nice though on the skin, is rather watery for a hand sanitizer but that isn’t such a bad thing. It smells like aftershave, which I really like and it’s blue! Appeals to me and kills germs, will definitely be buying again!

  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X EDP.

I bought this after seeing it on sale in Boots (which is STILL on sale) and as I wanted something new, I snapped it up. This scent is gorgeous, nothing like the original Classique and has a warm, mature scent to it. I haven’t stopped being able to wear it throughout May and I  know it’ll be a firm favourite for summer evenings, as whilst is it is a musk perfume there are some fruity notes in there, which I really like. If you haven’t smelt this before then I recommend you go and do so! There’s also an EPT version of this, but everyone knows I always buy EDP instead.


  • Philosophy Candy Cane lip shine.

Due to the warm weather and circumstances of late I haven’t been wearing much lipstick, mostly clear glosses. I wear dark lipsticks and these during spring and summer days can look a bit gothic and heavy, which isn’t the look I go for, ideally. A clear or even tinted gloss work perfect during the day and as the weather has been nice too I’ve found myself grabbing this gloss quite a lot. It’s got a lovely cool and tingle to it when you put it on the lips, it isn’t sticky and tastes great! I wrote a review about it when I first bought it, check it out if you wish to know more! This lip shine however isn’t available all the time, only around the Christmas period.

  • Butter London Lippy in Frilly Knickers.

I was naughty and bought myself another Butter London duo set in May, this time I bought Frilly Knickers which of course came with the nail lacquer and the lippy. As you can see Frilly Knickers is a gorgeous cloudy clear lip gloss with plenty of red, pink and blue shimmer. The lippy glosses are really thick and thus very sticky, not good on a windy day and you wear glasses, I can tell you! Other than that this gloss is great and stays put for hours and is something I’ll usually pop on if I’m going shopping with my Mom, as we never stop for coffee or lunch, women on a mission! 😛 I recommend these lippy’s for everyone, especially if you already like Butter London’s nail lacquers.

So those were my favourites for May, what did you like using throughout May? That month went by so quick, I hope this one doesn’t go by as quickly!

May empties are coming up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for those and I’ll talk soon!

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