May empties

Jesus we’re halfway through the year now, YEAR Y U GO SO FAST?! May being one of my favourite months wasn’t exactly the best one I’ve had, but it wasn’t the worse one either. I used up loooads though, which isn’t such a bad thing! There’s a few empties that I have mentioned before, so they’ll get a brief talking over as there’s no point going over old ground eh?


I’ve seen on other empties posts on various beauty blogs how they show you what they keep their empties in at the start of each posts, this is the first (and probably only time) I’ll show you what I keep my empties in. A purple Liberty London bag. I’ve never been there before, this was just a bag given to me by my best friend with my birthday present in (which was a book FYI). So yeah… ON WITH THE POST!


  • Colgate Plax sensitive mouthwash.

I mentioned this in my favourites post back in March and I’ve already near finished my second bottle of this stuff! I love mouthwash, it just makes my teeth feel even cleaner than they already do after brushing. Plus if you have super sensitive teeth like me then this stuff is perfect for you, as most other mouthwashes are too painful for me to use. Colgate mouthwashes, whether they’re the sensitive option or not are really well priced and I recommend them to everyone!

  • Michael Dicesare latte shampoo.

Another product that was mentioned on my March favourites… However since then I have changed my opinion on this and I’m pretty glad it’s used up and in the bin. This isn’t because it’s a bad product but it’s just a pain in the arse to work with, especially if you have long hair like I do. You basically need to use two 50 pence piece amounts just to get a bit of a lather going and when you finally get a lather my hair felt really thin and tangled from rubbing it together so much. A positive with this product is that it did  leave my hair feeling shiny and soft and smelling like Yankee Candles Red Velvet candle, which I love! I wouldn’t buy this again in a hurry, not unless they change the formula so that I could get some lather anyway! This would probably work better for someone with shorter hair than myself.

  • Carex hand wash in Strawberry Laces.

I used a bottle of this stuff up in April too! I use a bottle of this hand wash at least once every two months minimum because it smells so damn good and keeps my hands soft. However I’ve discovered a new flavour which already is heading towards my favourites for June! You can check out previous mentions of this here and here.

  • Tango invigorating shower gel in Apple.

This stuff really didn’t last as long as I wanted to and it’s a shame because for a £1 it’s one of the best shower gels I’ve bought. It smells great, lathers really well and leaves my skin feeling really soft when I get out of the shower. I didn’t even realise there was any left until I took the pictures so I’ll be using the last bit up tonight when I get a shower. If you love any of  the Tango flavours then for a £1 I recommend this! I took it with me when I went to stay with my friend in Wolverhampton and it really woke me up and left me feeling fresh. This would be a great shower gel to take on holiday as it has aloe vera in it too, which is known for cooling and soothing skin. I really want to try the other scents too but as of yet I haven’t found them.


  • Soap & Glory the Greatest Scrub of all facial exfoliator.

I’ve been using this face scrub since I was 21 and I can safely say I won’t be replacing it any time soon. This is the second or third tube I’ve used and this stuff lasts me about a year, crazy huh? I use a 10 pence piece twice a week and it keeps my skin soft and smooth. I recommend this to anyone with dry and oily (so combination) skin like myself, it’s also great if you have dry patches on certain parts of your face like I do. I remember hearing about this scrub from FleurDeForce years ago and thought I’d give a go. It helped clear up some horrible dry patches on my cheeks and since then it’s all I use. Give it a go, it’s so worth the money!

  • Wilkinson’s Fruity berry hand sanitizer.

I snapped this up for about 50p and thought what a bargain it was. As regular readers will know I love my scented hand sanitizer and for 50p I didn’t think it hurt to try this out. It’s a really nice sanitizer, doesn’t smell half as good as pocketbacs, but is that a surprise? I don’t think so! 😛 These smell a little alcoholic but that’s not a bad thing, means it’s working as well as smelling nice. I recommend these as the bottles are tiny but last ages!

  • Montagne Jeunesse chocolate face mask.

This face mask was amazing! I snapped it up for less than a £1 and decided I needed to use it straight away! It smells just like melted chocolate and is really thick so was easy to apply. It took forever to dry but that was because I slapped this stuff on, I always make sure to use up the whole packet as to be honest these masks aren’t cheap. I want my moneys worth! This mask is to used for people with combination or normal skin as it moisturises the skin as well as cleansing etc.  My skin felt baby soft after I washed this off and usually when I use a mask I’ll be left with spots days later, something someone once said is normal. No, this isn’t normal, at least I don’t think so anyway! The only flaw with this mask is, due to how much of it there is when washing it off, my bath tub turned from an orange colour to a brown colour, it looked like I was bathing in chocolate milk! I had to clean the bath afterwards because of it, which was a pain but worth it for how nice it made my skin feel! Will definitely buy and use this again.

  • Superdrug sugar & spice self-heating mask.

I know I said a while ago that I was going to discontinue using Superdrug face masks due to the fact they were reacting badly to my skin, but I may have changed my mind a little bit. I tried this face mask out after a stressful day and it left my skin feeling and looking amazing, with no burning or anything bad like that afterwards! What a change! I thought I wouldn’t like this mask due to it being spice, sugar I’m fine with, also the fact it’s a self-heating mask. As soon as I started to put it onto my skin, I just wanted to eat it! It looks just like caramel and smells like vanilla sugar and chocolate. I left the mask on for about 10-15 minutes whilst I watched a film and when I was ready I washed it off, which was an easy process as this doesn’t dry so it was quick to wash off with warm water. My skin looked so bright and felt really soft afterwards! Actually reminded me of that glowing you get after you’ve had sex. If you’ve never heard of this before, please go and Google!

So yeah those are my empties from May! I wonder what June will have in store for this time next month… And I wonder how quickly it’ll come to us?

What did you use up in May? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you soon!

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