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My blog is looking a little quiet lately and I have my reasons… What? I do! My laptop died on me a few weeks back and it won’t be back until another week or so. This means any posts that involve me faffing with Photoshop won’t be on my blog for a while, apologies for this. I will see what I can though!

Also a lot  has happened in my life the past month, some pretty bad and some pretty damn amazing but that’s for another post.

I’ve been listening to my music more recently than before, I dunno why but I’m usually someone who will pick a good movie to watch over listening to some tunes on iTunes or my iPod. We’ve also had some lovely weather so listening to some uplifting tracks whilst travelling about is a must.

  • The Pretty Reckless – “Zombie”

When I saw The Pretty Reckless support Evanescence on their 2011 UK tour they played this track, which I thought sounded amazing but I totally forgot about downloading it to listen to, until now. Nearly two years later and I have this song on my iPod, where it belongs! The track was featured as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Light Me Up as well as some of the bands early EP’s and singles. The song isn’t exactly uplifting but it sounds awesome and the lyrics are great, something I always sing along to. If you like The Pretty Reckless and haven’t heard this track, then get looking on YouTube for it!

  • The Custodian of Records – “Emo Step Show”

I heard this track on one of Beauty Crush’s YouTube videos and it’s just an amazing track for her to have used! I found it to buy and since then I’ve fallen in love with it and as I want to try and start making videos for my channel this is something I would consider using for fashion related videos. The track features no singing/lyrics and is a relaxed and summery track that you can relax to. I intend on checking out the rest of their album soon. Reckon you would like this featured in a future video? Let me know in the comments!

  • Klaypex – “Chinter’s Will” Feat. Sara Kay

I was shown this track when it first came out and I fell in love but never got round to downloading it, until recently when I was going through a list (yes I have a list! Don’t judge me!) of which tracks I need to download and check out. This song is just a mixture of electronica and drum n bass and it works pretty well alongside Sara Kay’s beautiful voice. I’ve checked out all the tracks she’s featured on and she’s just perfect. Great track for summer and I know it’ll be one I continue to listen to until autumn comes.

  • RushJet1 – “Son Of Flynn”

This is the first track of Da Chip Volume 2 which I mentioned about over on my Random Access Memories post here. This song is amazing and even though it’s chiptune/8-bit you can hear how it’s identical to the track that Daft Punk created for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. I love this song no matter what time of year and it’s just something I love, I really need to put it onto my phone for my ringtone, the one I have is rather annoying now*

  • Daft Punk – “Instant Crush” Feat. Julian Casablancas

This song, it’s just beautiful in every single way and for that I can’t stop bloody listening to it! If you want to know more check out the Random Access Memories post linked above, there’s no point me repeating myself.

  • Maroon 5 – “Sad”

I listened to this song properly for the first time when I was on my way to Cheltenham earlier last week and I can relate to the words so much! I was being such a sop and a did shed a little tear but it’s just because I’m such a woman lately it’s untrue, which is something I’ll be writing a future post on, maybe even a comedy video on it! But yeah I’ve always loved Maroon 5, even though people say they’ve changed their sound to appeal to everyone… Erm no. They’re still as awesome now as they were when they released Songs About Jane and Adam Levine is just as beautiful as ever!

So yes, those were some of the tracks I’ve been listening to the past couple of weeks! Which songs you been listening to? Let me know in the comments down below!

*Annoying ringtone in question:

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