Topshop PH Reactive Lip Tint in Crystal first thoughts and review

I remember when this lip tint came out as a part of the “‘Sisters of the New Moon” collection for Topshop back at the start of 2012. The collection was all limited edition and everyone was sad to see the collection go, purely because of the lip tints, especially the shade Crystal.


Well well, Topshop must have seen how popular this shade and shade Jewel was and has brought them back as part of their permanent line… Can I get a woo hoo?

I remember the afternoon I saw this posted and reviewed on Fleur’s and Louise’s blogs and I fell in love but every time I went into my local Topshop to pick it up (after saving my money) it was out of stock and it stayed that way and I never got my hands on it.

These retail in Topshop for £9.00 which seems a lot for a high street lip stick but trust me, this is worth every penny!

On Topshop’s website its described as:

Amazing colour changing lipgloss contains PH-reactive pigments. The colour of the lipgloss will self-adjust to create your own personalised shade of pink, designed to compliment you.

One of the Barry M lipsticks works exactly the same as this (the green one) and it’s an amazing lipstick! However I grew out of it and discovered MAC, but if you like these sorts of lipsticks I definitely recommend the Barry M one, as well as the Topshop one.


DSC_0032I decided to go for the shade Crystal, which is a gorgeous Barbie pink of a jelly texture that has silver, pink and red glitter through it. It reminds me of MAC’s Big Bow that came out with their Hello Kitty collection a few years ago.


Without flash


With flash

With this lipstick it’s like a gloss so you don’t need any lip balm underneath or on top of this to get that moisturised feeling, although I have been popping a lip balm over the top after a while of wearing this.

I won’t lie, this lipstick tastes vile, very waxy and like something you would have put on as a child from your Mom’s make up bag but this being said the nasty taste soon fades and can be masked by a yummy lip balm too.


The lipstick swatches beautifully and shows up the colour it shows on my lips. With a few  more goings over it goes a darker pink. What the pink stain on the right of the swatch you may wonder? Well that’s the swatch I did last night of the same product… Yep it’s still there and I’ve washed my hands quite a lot since then.

I wore this lipstick when I went over to my boys (boyfriend just sounds so… young) earlier this week and wore this and let’s just say it lasted agggges! I think on my way home it needed a top up but I couldn’t be bothered, it was near midnight!

I love this lipstick and I can see it being one I wear a lot during the summer because of how long it lasts on the lips, maybe even some of winter too!

If you haven’t seen this lipstick in the flesh then I suggest you go and do so ASAP, it doesn’t look real and you’ll probably end up wanting to buy it for how amazing it looks.

If you have any questions about this lipstick please leave them in the comments down below!

More reviews coming up, but until then take care.

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