Four Floors of Whores

Bit of a band promotion post here!


Four Floors of Whores are a 5 piece metal band from Coventry that my boyfriend is a part of (the ginger bass player FYI) and they’re amazing!

ffow photo

From left to right: Lee, John, Dane, Paul & Carl.

You have Carl on vocals, Paul and Lee on guitars, Dane on bass and John on drums. They’re all hilarious and really nice down to Earth guys who are trying to get sponsored by Nando’s… Yes  you read correctly, Nando’s!

They recently played their first gig and it was awesome! The turn out they received was great for a support band and everyone enjoyed the gig.

You can check out the live footage of the gig here… I’d like to say I helped edit this but I just sat there going, “Yeah looks good, edit this here, ha ha that’s funny”.

They have quite a few gigs coming up and if you’re from Coventry or near that area and think they sound awesome, please come and check them out. They’re great live and really are worth checking out.

The day after their first gig they started to record some new music and have been doing more since. Will be exciting to hear what they’ve come up with! 😀

For now check out the links of their down below and if you like them, give them a like on Facebook. Every like counts and it means you can keep up to date with their future gigs and such.




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