A little haul…

Okay it’s a big haul! I went shopping with my Mom on Thursday and as I need to save money I just went with her for company and to grab a few essentials. However I ended up coming home with a few new pieces of clothing and cosmetics, which was Mom kindly offered to pay for. She knows I need to save my money now so I feel bad that she’s treated me to a new laptop as well as to these things but she states she doesn’t mind and next time it’ll be my treat, damn right!


I didn’t intend to even look at any clothes to buy as whenever I’ve been clothes shopping with my Mom or friends lately I end up having a childish tantrum and leaving the shops to eat ice cream. Why? Because quite frankly I think the fashion that we have out for S/S 13 is tragic. It’s grotesque and everywhere I look I see clothes either The Spice Girls and B*Witched wore in the 90’s! So yeah, I’ve mostly been wearing pretty much trends from A/W 12, I hope A/W 13 is better or I may have to start parading the streets naked!


This dress was a last-minute purchase whilst my Mom paid for her things in Select. She’d picked up lots of little pieces and I had seen a black pinafore dress I liked the look of, went to try it on to discover it was incredibly unflattering and put it back. So whilst her things were being scanned through the till I saw lots of dresses next to the till, this being one of them. it’s a gorgeous chiffon dress with a waistband that expands when you wear it, I might pop a belt over the top of it for some evenings/nights out. It’s a gorgeous coral colour and the pattern is nothing but butterflies, spring and summer written all over it! The sleeves on the dress are frilly, just to make it look more girly than it already does. It looks flattering on due to the waistband and the dress being a skater style. I might wear this tomorrow when I see Poppy for the day. It cost £14 and Select have the same style dress in a variety  of different colours and patterns.


Anyhoo, we ventured into Dorothy Perkins and I spotted this gorgeous dress (dress on the right in the first image) in there. I put it back down and continued following my Mom around the shop. She’ll look around a shop about 10 times before leaving, picking something up each time she goes around, whereas I’m a quick look around leave to venture to the next shop! She noticed I’d picked this dress on, commented how pretty it was and sent me off into the changing rooms to try it on. It looked gorgeous and offered to buy it for me, bless her. The pattern is a gorgeous floral with pink and black flowers all over it, and a black outline for some flowers so you have white ones there too. Perfect some spring and summer! It’s a skater dress style so makes my waist look tiny and my bum look amazing. The dress cost £18, a pretty good price for a Dorothy Perkins dress if you ask me!



As well as that she picked this scarf up for me, but since trying it on when we got back, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to dress it up with anything in my wardrobe, but time will tell! It was in the sale for £5, down from £14. It’s a gorgeous white scarf with a chiffon side covered in pink flowers and a crochet side, some silver diamond studs divide the two sides apart.


SOCKS! You can’t have enough cute socks I say and I can’t stop snatching up New Look’s super cute pairs, which are always on their 3 for £4 offer. This is the third offer I’ve picked up now and probably the last one for a while. The third pair I wore yesterday so they’re in the wash, they’re a cute panda pair (which I’ll show you in future) and as you can see I picked up an American flag pair and a cute dinosaur pair. What does RAWR mean in dinosaur? I love you, of course! 😛


I only went into Bodycare for two things, mouthwash and glasses lens cleaner. I left with a new moisturiser and glasses cleaning wipes. For 99p, Opti Clear wipes are a four eyed freaks friend. I have to wear my glasses from the moment I wake up, to when my head hits the pillow so a pair of dirty lenses is a no-no for me. These wipes are so handy! It takes seconds to clean your glasses lenses with them and are small enough to pop in your bag for on the go, a plus? They smell amazing!

I’ve wanted to try one of Garnier’s new Moisture Match moisturisers for ages and I decided to opt for Wake Me Up, which is tailored for dull skin. I tried Goodbye Dry which is tailored for dry/very dry skin as I received a sample in a magazine and I can safely say it is vile. It broke me out and gave me an allergic reaction. I also have Shine Be Gone which is tailored for combination/dry skin (which is what I have) to try but I’m paranoid it’ll have an allergic reaction again so I’ll have to see how I feel. I decided to try Wake Me Up as I read it was a gel and I love gel moisturisers, they sink into my skin straight away and leave my face feeling cool and smooth. This will just be for me to use if I’m staying in and want some moisture in my skin, I’ll still continue to use and purchase my Clinique moisturiser, it’s a staple! So far this feels amazing on the skin and really does leave my face looking less dull than usual. I’m going to continue using it for a while as I really like it! I paid £2.99 for this, worth every penny!

Finally in Superdrug I didn’t go crazy, but I bought yet another lip product… Or two. Okay I needed lip balm as my apple Chapstick ran out whilst we were walking around the shops but upon looking in Bodycare if they sold the Chapstick I desired, I found out they didn’t so Superdrug being mine and my Mom’s last shop to visit before heading home we checked there and alas, they didn’t have it either. So I thought I would try something new and Carmex Moisture Plus was the winner this time round. I’ve never bought anything by Carmex before and have heard nothing but good so I decided to try this one and as well as it being a balm, it also have a sheer tint to it too. There was a choice between pink and peach, I opted for peach for a change and I’m glad I did. It’s a pretty warm peach tone which looks really nice on the lips, perfect for day and night! As well as that it smells and tastes like vanilla which is really yummy. I think I’ll pick up the pink shade tomorrow whilst I’m out. Can never have enough tinted lip balms! Swatches down below.

Finally I decided to get myself one of the lipstick pens that everyone is going crazy for, thanks to Clinique! I really want one of the Chubby Sticks by them, but until I get another job I’m going to be trying cheaper alternatives. I decided to pick up one of MUA’s Power Pout lipsticks, seeing as they’re only £3 each! I went for Broken Hearted, which is described as a deep raspberry. They smell like mint, which is really nice for the summer and boy, do they last ages! I swatched a couple of the shades on the back of my hand whilst in the shop and they didn’t wash off until hours after returning home from the shops, can’t complain about that! I already know I’ll be writing a review about this at some point next week so keep your eyes peeled for that. Swatches down below for this product too.

DSC_0031Power Pout in shade Broken Hearted on left, Moisture Plus in Peach on right – without flash.

DSC_0030Power Pout in shade Broken Hearted on left, Moisture Plus in Peach on right – with flash.

Well that’s everything I got on my mini shopping trip! Nothing special, not essentials but nice to have for the summer months that we have (well hopefully…) coming our way!

What have you been buying nice for yourself this month? Let me know in the comments down below!

I now have a laptop and will soon have Photoshop back up and running on new laptop to have plenty of fashion and beauty related posts coming your way, so please like, comment and follow my blog either via email, a WordPress account or via Bloglovin’, which is linked at the side of this blog as an Eiffel Tower.

I’m off to enjoy my weekend, take care all and ensure to enjoy yours too!

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