June favourites

I know I say it every month but wow, can you believe we’re in July and thus halfway through the year, already?! I can’t to be perfectly honest with you and it is a tad scary.

I loved June, it was full of nothing but good energy and thoughts and I’m a tad sad to see it come and go to quickly. I’m excited for July though.

I loved so much throughout June, eight to be exact and I know I’ll continue loving them throughout July too.

DSC_0001Lot’s if favourites!


  • Simple Soothing Eye Balm.

This eye balm is amazing! It’s more like a cream/gel and is really cooling when applied to the eye area. I love using this in the  mornings when my eyes feel tired and ache and as I suffer with on off insomnia this really helps if I’ve had a bad nights sleep. As well as that it’s been quite warm throughout June so this helped after a long day in the sunshine and hot weather. This stuff lasts ages too! You only need a little bit and it goes a really long way. It’s also really affordable and as it lasts ages you won’t need another tube for a long time after purchasing.

  • MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick.

I remember buying this lipstick back at the start of the year and upon wearing it once I thought it was a huge mistake to purchase and left it in my make up drawer for ages. However upon the lovely weather coming to us I’ve been able to start wearing it a little more. It’s a very creamy formula which when blotted lasts aggges! I love this for nights out more than days out due to its staying power and intend to wear it more throughout the rest of summer and the start of autumn.


  • DKNY Red Delicious EDP.

I’ve owned this perfume for quite a long time and it’s coming near to the end of  the bottle now (which I’ll be repurchasing of course) and it’s always been a favourite of mine for spring and summer as it smells like fresh apples. A bonus with this perfume is it isn’t expensive to buy so it won’t break the bank! Definitely the strongest scent out of the Delicious range and thus, the best one! I remember hearing and being told that this was limited edition, but I bought this back when I was a student and it’s still around to buy now. So whoever told me this, they were very much wrong!

  • Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser in Wake me Up.

I mentioned this on my last post and even though I haven’t owned it all that long, I love it already so it has to be mentioned in my favourites! I’ve began using it instead of my Clinique gel moisturiser and it really does make my skin look great and feel soft too and all for £2.99! As this is a gel formula it sinks straight into my skin without making it feel or look greasy, which I like. A plus is that due to the warm weather the gel makes my skin feel cool and refreshed, which is just what you want when you sweat loads like I do.

  • Soap & Glory Glam-A-Lot Body Spray.

I love the Soap & Glory body sprays, they leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great! This one is my favourite out of the three available to purchase. It’s the stronger (and better) smelling of the two scented sprays and lasts a lot longer on the skin. I sprayed it on me yesterday when I went out and when I woke up this morning I could still smell it on my skin. It just smells divine and is what I always make sure to spray on when I go on nights out. It lasts just as long as perfume and smells gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it during autumn and winter!


  • Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant in Sensitive.

I sweat terribly due to my anxiety and stress and it can be terribly embarrassing. No matter what deodorant I’ve used it hasn’t prevented it at all and no matter what I’m left with disgusting patches under my arms. I’ve been like it since I was at school and as I said, it’s embarrassing, even in the winter when it’s freezing cold I sweat terribly! Anyways, one of my friends is exactly the same as me and suggested I try the this deodorant and for £5.30 I thought it would be worth a try, it worked perfectly for her! If it didn’t work I said I would go to the doctors as it’s really got me down over the years. This stuff works perfectly! The only day it didn’t work was when I went for an hours walk to clear my head and go to town on the train. I used my Boots points to pay for this so it isn’t like it came out of my back pocket. I recommend this to anyone who suffers with the problems I do and alas if it doesn’t work, get to the doctor. *nods*

  • Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash.

My Mom got this as a little sample when she ordered our Liz Earle hair care sets recently and decided to give it to me to try. It’s so damn amazing! It smells of oranges and lemons and leaves the skin feeling so soft that you don’t even need to moisturise your skin afterwards, which is perfect for me as I’m always in a hurry to get ready and leave the house. I’ll for sure be buying the full size version of this product.

  • Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner.

For years I haven’t used conditioner… Probably approaching ten years to be exact. Why? Because it used to make my hair more greasy than it needed to be and to avoid this, I avoided conditioning. However, as mentioned not long ago my Mom purchased some hair care sets by Liz Earle and kindly gave me one to try out. The shampoo that comes in the set is really nice but this conditioner is amazing! It smells like oranges and lemons too and the scents lasts for days on the hair! Since starting to use it my hair feels softer, more manageable and looks healthier, which I’m hoping my hairdresser notices when I visit her soon. I’m so glad my Mom gave me this to try, I was reluctant at first but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try once. I’m half way through the tube already and I have a spare in my cupboard to use as and when.

So those were my favourites for June! I hope you liked them, I know I did and will continue to do just that. What were you liking throughout June? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, see you soon and hope everyone’s week (and July) has started off well!

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