Cheeky Lancome purchases

There was a sale on okay!


Whilst my friend Poppy was paying for a Lancome mascara I saw these in a little sales basket and after swatching them both, I just had to have them. I know I would have walked away thinking, “Aww I wish I’d bought those now!” and gone back to buy to discover they’ve all gone.

I regret nothing!


I bought a lipstick balm and a nail polish, both things that I use quite often, as regular readers will know.

I would go into huge detailing about these, but I’m saving that for reviews, you lucky things!

As you can see from the first picture I picked up the lipstick balm for £10, it was originally £20! What a bargain eh? Baume In Love was a part of Lancome’s special edition collection for Spring ’13 and I picked up this lipstick balm in Midnight Rose. It’s a gorgeous colour and I really can’t wait to review it, I’ve done nothing but wear it since purchasing.

I also picked up a nail polish in the sale, which was £6.00, reduced from £12.00, so both of these products were half price, amazing value for Lancome! I got this in the shade Sugared Rose, I’m not sure if it was a limited edition for Spring ’13 but it isn’t available online anymore, so I can only imagine it was. It’s a gorgeous white toned pink polish which looks great as one coat or two. I’ll be writing a review for this very soon too.

Sneak peak into what reviews I’ll be doing soon then eh? If you want to try and pick up these bargains, as well as the others that Lancome have on offer right now then head to Birmingham Selfridges or any other Selfridges near you! 😀

Stay tuned for the reviews for these and talk soon!

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