Just Little Things…

Like most people who spend the majority of their time on the internet, I love Tumblr. I love how you can reblog whatever you want and can relate to so much on there. Someone can post a really nice quote on there and you’ll relate to it straight away. Not just that there’s awesome pictures on there, whether it be food, celebrities, film or TV clips and more!

However I really like the Tumblr blog, Just Little Things.

Their blog contains a list of pictures with writing on that state little things that everyone appreciates. These little things are usually some things that can be overlooked by most people, but loved by a fair few. Either way this website makes me happy and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

I love when you open a new book and you begin your new reading adventure. The smell of a new book is just divine too and the smell of old books is just as nice.

It’s just nice to see an old couple still happy in one each others company. It means a lot for someone to want to hold your hand, especially in public. It just shows there’s still hope for love to anyone who has ever had their heartbroken or is single and that your soul mate and life partner is still out there, waiting for you.

Everyone enjoys this. It’s always nice to look back on what you looked like as a baby, a toddler, a child and even you when you were an emotional teenager. Photographs are amazing reminders of amazing memories and of people who we love, whether they’re still with us or not and that’s why I love photography so much.

Now I have a lot of flaws and over the years they have come, gone and come back again that they’re probably a permanent fixture now. It’s nice when people accept you for who you are and it’s even nicer when they try to help you through your flaws (if they can) instead of judging you.

I love holding hands and it’s nice to see couples holding hands in public. It shows they’re out with that person and no one is coming in between them whilst those fingers and palms are linked and pushed tightly against each others, especially when they fit perfectly. Even holding a friend’s hand in a busy club or arena is nice, it shows you don’t want to lose them in there!

These are the safest and most special hugs you will get in your life time. They aren’t expected and can be from anyone, whether it be your partner, friends and even family. Their arms wrap around your waist and their head rests on your shoulder. It’s just perfect.

Out of the nearly 1,000 images of these little things on their blog, these are some of the ones I like from the first 50.

This will become a regular post on my blog every Wednesday, I hope you like this idea I just thought it would be nice to do and it lets readers (whether you’re regular or not) get to know a little bit more about me and what a soppy cow I can be at the best of times.

Go have a look at their blog and let me know what some of your favourite little things are from there. Here’s the link to all of the ones they’ve posted to date.

I hope everyone’s week is going well so far and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday all!

Footer 1All images taken from justlittlethings.net

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