Just Little Things… Continued

From what I can see the Just Little Things post I published a week ago did really well, so I’m definitely going to carry on with making this weekly post until I run out of little things to talk about.

The titles will be random, but a funny and cool random. So, let’s get on with the post!

Everyone loved the swings as a child and that doesn’t go away as we get older. Always waiting for the swings to be free was something that we all hated as kids but as soon as a swing was free for you to use, you ran over to it and swung for as long as you could! I love swings, it’s just relaxing to sit there either on your own or think or with someone for a chat.

You’ve paid to see your favourite band, the support act(s) have been on and then you have the anticipated wait for the band to come on. The music stops, the lights go out and everyone starts cheering and you know soon enough you’ll see them on stage, hear them play your favourite songs and for over an hour share the same oxygen as them. As well as this sing your heart out. I miss going to gigs, I really do.

Kisses on the forehead are so sweet and gentle which makes the feel that little more special and intimate than a kiss on the lips or a quick peck on your cheek.

I loved Sooty as a kid, from the moment I started watching TV as a baby until the late 90’s. I still watch episodes of the show to this day and memories just come flooding back. I love it so much and when/if I have children of my own I’ll be showing them Sooty.

I love hugs, I’m a very cuddly person and I’m glad as well as lucky to be with someone who loves cuddles much more than I do. Long, tight hugs to me just make me feel so safe and wanted, as if they never want to let you go. Best hugs ever, especially when lying down.

“I’ve missed you.” are some of the best words I could ever hear. I always worry that people wouldn’t miss me if they never saw me again, so it’s very reassuring when someone says this to me, whether we haven’t seen each other for months, weeks or even days. It means a hell of a lot to me.

Miranda: Could the penis dent the baby? Carrie: Where do you think dimples come from? Whenever I meet someone with dimples, I can’t help but tell them this is how dimples come to be on certain people. Love Sex & The City. I love dimples, they’re so incredibly cute and I can’t help but poke anyone’s dimples with my finger, even though I have some myself.

I kind of covered this already but I love cuddling and so does boy and it’s something we do often. I love cuddling whether I’m happy or sad, can never go wrong with a good cuddle.

I’m now past 100! I’m really enjoying doing my Just Little Things posts, even though this is only the second one!

Next week I’ll have a themed little things post, I’m so excited about it, I’m off to go and write it up now!

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far, take care all.

Footer 1All images taken from justlittlethings.net

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