Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Mint Fresh review

As long as I have been a beauty blogger, or at least interested in reading beauty bloggers posts, Baby Lips have been something everyone has wanted. However up until last month, Baby Lips were only available over the pond in America, damn them and their awesome things!

We have been lucky enough to get them brought over here now and I for one have been rather excited to get my hands on one of these… But it appears that everyone has felt the same as I have and most of the flavours available have been sold out in stores. But this isn’t an issue, having one to try for now is better than not having one at all, isn’t it?

Maybelline Baby Lips are available in six shades/flavours.

Hydrate, Intense Care and Mint Fresh are all clear shades with light scents to them.

Cherry Me (light red), Pink Punch (light pink) and Peach Kiss (light peach) are all have a light colour to them, as well as scent too.

I went into Boots one more time after a week of searching with one of these in mind, Pink Punch. I’ve heard it smells divine and the light pink shade appealed to me so I went over to a Boots customer service assistant and asked in my most determined voice, “Excuse me, do you stock the Maybelline Baby Lips at all?” to which she said, “We do… But we only have three of the six types left.”

They only had the clear shades left and not many of them, so I quickly looked at which one I would prefer and Mint Fresh was mine for the taking. I’m pretty glad about my choice, but I still want Pink Punch!


Apologies for the messy packaging, but whilst I was out I couldn’t help but break into this to try!




The lip balm itself comes in what I think is a really cute packaging, but what most people have said looks really childish and “stupid”. I think the childish aspect is what is appealing to myself, as this just reminds me of something I would have used when I was at school. It’s the little things that satisfy us.

As you can see from the images above, Mint Fresh is a clear lip balm which contains SPF 20, which is perfect for at the moment in the UK when the weather is unpredictable! From the swatches it’s also clear and leaves a glossy finish due to it containing petroleum.

It smells really minty, like chewing gum which I really like! It doesn’t plump the lips up like most mint flavoured lip balms, but it does feel a little menthol on the lips which is nice. Sadly the flavour doesn’t last long, which is a real shame.

A lot of people have been saying the Baby Lips lip balms aren’t worth the hype, but they seem like a great essential for your handbag or even your pocket! This has been great on its own, as well as a base for my lipsticks! I know I’ll be buying these for people, especially as they’re on offer in the Maybelline offer in both Superdrug and Boots for 3 for 2 and as they’re only Β£2.99 each it’ll only cost Β£5.98 for three of these babies.


This is what it looks like on the lips, it looks like a light lip gloss, but one that will keep your lips safe from the sun and hydrated for up to 8 hours!

I hope you enjoyed this review, I hope to pick up one in Pink Punch soon!

Have you been wanting one of the Baby Lips lip balms? If so which one? If you do have one however, which one(s) did you pick up and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Until next time, take care and I hope everyone’s week is going as well as mine seems to be.

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9 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Mint Fresh review

  1. When I saw your blog name I just had to stop by since I blog over at But First, Coffee haha!
    I love my baby lips too, this is actually the only one I own but it goes everywhere with me!
    I’ve been meaning to grab one of the tinted ones, just haven’t gotten around to it!

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