Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (in both Classic and Strawberry) review

This is probably a pointless review, due to the fact everyone and their mother loves Carmex. Like Vaseline and Nivea, they’re one of the most popular lip balms out there.

I’ve known people time and time again to use them and I was one of these who said, “Nope I won’t give into the yellow and red packaging.” plus I enjoyed using my Palmer’s lip balm too much.

However the past year I’ve branched out a little and tried new lip balms, but with my Classic Carmex lip balm I didn’t buy this one. I got it free in my goodie bag from when I attended VintSetFest back in July (you can check out the posts about it here and here).

In this review I’ll be talking about both the Classic lip balm as well as the Strawberry flavoured one.


I was given my Classic Carmex at the VintSetFest event, whilst I bought my Strawberry flavoured Carmex from Primark for £2.00. They have three flavours of these, Strawberry, Mint and Cherry. I tried to find a mint one to pick up too but I didn’t have too much luck finding one as the queue was moving along rather quickly, which makes a change for Primark!

When applying this to the lips it reminded me of Vaseline, due to the fact it’s made of petroleum. It feels almost like a lip gloss on the lips and looks like it too, but without that horrible sticky residue. As well as looking like this on the lips they create a tingly sensation on the lips, pretty much the sort of feeling you would get with a plumping lip gloss and this because these also contain menthol, which I liked.

The Classic smells slightly minty due to the menthol which I like, whilst of course the Strawberry smells of strawberries, a must for anyone who loves strawberries. I hate most strawberry flavoured things that are edible, but I love this! The smell really does remind me of a Strawberry Split ice cream/ice lolly, which I lived off as a kid during hot summer days.


Strawberry Carmex on the left, Classic Carmex on the right. Please excuse my gross hand. >.<


Strawberry Carmex on the left, Classic Carmex on the right.

The texture of the Classic Carmex is a lot thicker than the Strawberry Carmex, which I find odd. I don’t know if this is because of the different flavours or due to where I bought my Strawberry one from. I found that the Strawberry Carmex was awkward to use on a hot day as it went really watery and it went everywhere! However the Classic Carmex stayed thick, which I was glad about.

I really like how thick the Classic Carmex is, it just feels like I can have more control when applying it onto my lips and I hope when I purchase this in future that tube will be the same.

I love these lip balms, but if I had to choose between the Classic and the Strawberry, I would hands down pick the Classic.

Whilst the Strawberry one smells delicious and reminds me of my childhood, the strawberry flavour doesn’t last that long (all of 2 minutes…) and the texture isn’t as thick as the Classic Carmex.

I would definitely like to try the Mint Carmex, so when my Strawberry one has run out, I’ll be picking that one up.

I’m keeping my Classic at home to use around the house, but my Strawberry one is going to be kept in my handbag for while I’m out and about. I’ve used it quite a lot at work and when I’m at my boyfriends so it was definitely worth the £2.00 I paid for it!


Please excuse my silly duck face, I thought it would be fun to do. 🙂

As you can see, it looks quite a lot like a lip gloss, which is nice. This can also be used underneath lipsticks, which is what I’ve been doing quite a bit lately. I can see this coming in handy during the colder months, as I’ll be wearing my lipstick and darker shades a hell of a lot more so this will make a great base for those.

I’m so glad that VintSetFest gave me the Classic Carmex lip balm as a freebie as otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered this product so soon and realised that now I can’t live without it in my pocket!

Do you like Carmex? If so which product of theirs is your favourite?

If you don’t like Carmex, how come you don’t? If you have yet to try it, would you try the Classic first or a flavoured version?

Let me know your answers in the comments down below and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week and you’re all having a great weekend!

Until next time, take care.

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6 thoughts on “Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (in both Classic and Strawberry) review

  1. I prefer the little pot of Carmex as opposed to the squeezy tubes as I find it a bit thicker and it just seems to do more good! I was also disappointed by the strawberry Carmex too, found it didn’t really taste much of strawberries and didn’t seem as nourishing. I don’t use Carmex often as I tend to prefer lighter more fragranced balms, but if my lips are super dry and sore I know I can fall back on it 🙂 x

    • I don’t really like tins or pots of lip balm due to worrying about picking up bacteria and such on the go and applying it to my lips. I use them in the house only but even then I do get really paranoid… But that’s just because I’m a germathobe. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the Strawberry flavour disappointing. 🙂 I always fall back on my Palmer’s lip balm when my lips are really dry and sore. 🙂

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