Just Little Things Tuesday… Food & Drink

There is nothing better in life than little food and drink related pleasures like a piece of rich chocolate cake, some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a take away pizza or a big mug of hot chocolate to warm you up on a chilly afternoon.

I love food and I love drink even more and I’m pretty sure most people are going to relate to the little things I’m posting on here.

Cinema popcorn is great, but homemade popcorn is much better. I’ve never made it from scratch myself, but I have made it in the microwave inside one of those bags and it’s the best thing ever! The sound of the corn opening and popping inside, which at one moment is so empty and is then full of popcorn. Plus how fresh and warm it is out of the bag is wonderful. Great for nibbling in front of a movie with friends.

I love water and drink at least 8 glasses of the stuff a day. The best feeling with cold water is running into a 24 hour shop after a gig to buy a massive bottle from the fridge. You can’t wait until you’ve gone to pay for it so you gulp enough down to satisfy you and pay at the till. As well as this a hot summers day when you’ve been for a walk and need refreshing. I’m quite bad and will down over half of a bottle in one go. Cold water is amazing, especially with ice cubes and a slice of lemon or lime.

My friend Gabriella makes the best cups of coffee I have ever had, yes even better than Starbucks and Costa ladies and gents. She just knows what makes a good cup of coffee and whenever I’d go and visit her when she lived in Wolverhampton she would make me a cup of coffee in her Joker mug. I love coffee, it doesn’t perk me up but the taste of it is divine.

Toast is one of those things that you can eat whenever. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, a snack and even for dinner if you team it with spaghetti hoops and sausages! What’s the best part of making toast is spreading the butter across its golden top and watching the yellow melt and seep into it. Such a satisfying feeling, knowing your toast is now prepped and ready to eat!

Who doesn’t enjoy eating Ben & Jerry’s out of the tub? I know I do! Whether I be watching a film, relaxing with friends or just fancy some ice cream, there is nothing more satisfying than leaving a new tub to melt and then digging into it. It’s even better with a teaspoon, means the tub lasts that little bit longer…

I love Chinese food. I love cooking it and I especially love eating it! When I’m at home I try my best to use chopsticks and often fail and look rather stupid, but I do this outside of home too and look even more stupid. But it’s fun to try and eat with chopsticks and the more you practice, the better you shall be. For now I’ll keep trying and use mine for cooking with, something I can do.

*flavourful… Sorry, had to be done. 😛 Those first few chews on gum and how minty, yet sweet and juicy it tastes. Aww my mouth is drooling at the thought of it. I love chewing gum, it keeps my teeth clean and my breath fresh after eating. Bubble gum is something I don’t have as much as chewing gum, but I still really enjoy to blow huge bubbles with!

If I open my fridge and see cheese in there, I’m a happy dinosaur. Cheese is just a major part of my diet. I know it’s bad for you, full of fat, whatever but I love it. Grated, sliced, squeeze, in triangles, whatever I love cheese! My Mom went shopping earlier this week and when I opened the fridge to see all this cheese, I died of happiness a little inside.

I love baking and when I used to bake cookies they would be all warm and doughy, fresh out of the oven and as much as I would want to eat one, you NEED to leave them to cool or they become a mushy mess. They smell good, look good and taste good. Cookies make the world go around, especially if accompanied with a glass of milk.

When I’m writing or reading a good book I like to make myself a cup of tea, whether it be standard black tea or a nice cup of green tea. Lemon, blueberry and mint tea are my favourites. Costa sell mint humbug tea, which I like drinking in winter time whilst shopping. It’s just nice to sit back and relax with a cup of tea, I take two sugars. 😉

Hasn’t this post just made you hungry and want a nice big mug of coffee or tea? It has with me! I’m off to make some dinner.

What little things do you like to do with food and drink? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next week, take care all.

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All images taken from justlittlethings.net

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