Just Little Things Tuesday… Friends

I love my friends, without them I don’t know where I would be today or who I would be for that matter as they helped me become who I am today as well.

There’s little things about my friends that mean a lot to me and sometimes you need those things to realise how lucky you are to have them in your life.

It’s great to be on the phone to someone and you can just stay on there and chat forever. I had a phone call on Monday night with my friend Jacqui for hours about all sorts of things! It was nice to just ramble and rant away about things that were bothering us or making us feel happy. I love phone calls like that.

Not long after the start of this year I had a really deep conversation with my best friend Hannah about some stuff that had been going on lately. I talk to Hannah about pretty much everything because I know she’ll just listen and give me the most honest advice there is to give. As well as this the last time I saw my friend Gabriella we had a deep conversation about my Gran passing away and how it had affected me. She sat there and listened and said things that were honest and relatable, which meant an awful lot. These conversations are the best ones.

Many a time have I had phone conversations until the early hours when the birds have just started to sing. Although rather odd, it’s great having to whisper and be quiet during these conversations, just so you don’t wake anyone up you even laugh and snigger quietly and it just sounds evil after a while.

Every time I see Gabriella we have one of these hugs and one of the last times I saw her I couldn’t help but have a cry because I just hadn’t seen her for so long! I saw my friend Sophie a few weeks back and it was nice for us to have a huge hug from one another, especially as I hadn’t seen her for nearly a year! It was lovely seeing her and we’ll be meeting up more often from now on.

I love when I tell someone a joke, something funny or even the way I say something and they just burst into uncontrollable laughter. It feels amazing that something you told or said could make someone laugh that much. I of course love it too, it shows that I’m genuinely enjoying myself and being happy in the company of the people I happen to be with.

“I can’t wait to see you!” Is one of the best text messages I could possibly receive a day or two before seeing someone and Jacqui is always the one to send these texts, the sweetie. 🙂

It’s always nice to hear you’ve cheered someone up and made their day, even by a complete stranger on the phone. I always try and go out of my way to make my friends feel better if they’re feeling a bit crap and this being said just makes my day too.

This is me, I reply to people straight away via text, emails or messages online if I can. I don’t like waiting for a reply off of someone if I KNOW they are able to answer me as I think it’s rather ignorant. If someone is busy, that’s okay but when I know they’ve seen my Facebook message and just can’t be bothered to reply, it’s rather rude. But when I get people replying back instantly, it’s a lovely feeling.

When I found out that some of my friends smell old and new books like I do, I knew we were meant to be friends. I know one of my friends cleans her phone over with hand sanitizer when she gets home too. Yes this is very odd, but I’m paranoid about germs, okay? I’m a weirdo and for my friends to be a weirdo in the same things as me, makes me feel less of a weirdo.

I love my friends, they’re my world and I hope some of them read this post to realise the little things that make me think of them.

What little things remind you of your friends? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time, take care all!

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