Just Little Things Tuesday… Entertainment

Movies, games, music, TV shows, books and more. I love being entertained, whether it be by someone else or myself, like we all do. After a hard day at work, a poorly day spent in bed, maybe you’ve fallen out or even broken up with someone, entertainment is what keeps us cheered up and distracted from real life when we really need it most.

Since yesterday was a Bank Holiday, I’m sure many people used 1, 2, maybe even 3 of the things about to entertain themselves with, I know me and my boyfriend did.

So here are some little things to do with entertainment that I love.

I don’t watch TV but a majority of my favourite TV shows I own on DVD anyway! I love having mini marathons to myself, one day will be the first series/season, another day it’ll be the second and so on and so forth. My favourite marathons to have usually involves Teachers, Dirty Sanchez and Jackass. Three of my favourite TV shows!

I’m a sucker for books and I usually buy them second-hand but when I do treat myself and buy a book brand new I always give it a good sniff, even before taking it over to pay for it! I just love the smell of a fresh new book, just waiting to be read! I’m currently reading a new book, I smelt it so much when I opened it up to start it.

Everyone has these songs that on a night out, they drag their friends to the dance floor and even if they refuse to dance you just don’t care and do whatever you want. You’re listening to your music in the house whilst cleaning, doing some work, etc and you just have to take a break to some done dancing. I have a few favourites, M.I.A. – “Paper Planes” is one of them, it reminds me of nights out with my best friend Hannah.

There are loads of films I do this to and I know it really annoys people when we watch them together and all you get is me miming in the background. Shaun of The Dead is one of these, alongside Spirited Away and Shawshank Redemption being some examples. I think the one I still remember to this day though is Forrest Gump, which I would recite in my private drama classes when I was little. Such an amazing film!

That moment when you know that the adverts have stopped and there aren’t anymore mixture of crappy and amazing trailers left to show you so they have to start the movie you came to see. The movie you have been excited to see all day, maybe all month, hell maybe even years! Hannah and I waited years for The World’s End to come out, so when the lights dimmed for the third and final time during out marathon, we were so excited! Such an amazing feeling.

I’m greedy, I don’t just like new book smell, I like old book smell just as much! Charity shops are the best places in finding second-hand books, especially if they’re special book shops too. There are stacks, rows and even piles of old and second-hand books everywhere in those shops and they all smell old and wonderful!

As a photographer (hobbie only FYI) taking a great picture is exactly what you want to achieve, but if you end up leaving with the perfect picture, it’s an awesome day! Not just on my digital SLR, but on my mobile phone, if you can get a perfect picture, it’s just great anyway! The best is when you get a perfect picture at a gig on your crappy little digital camera, only finding out how perfect it is when you get home and see them on your computer/laptop.

Surprising it might be but I really like rapping along to songs, I’m probably not very good at it but it makes me happy, so who cares! After months of attempting and such, I finally mastered how to rap “White & Nerdy” by “Weird Al” Yankovic. A lot of people can probably rap this, I guess I’m one of those people. It’s just so much fun to try and rap something fast, you always muck it up!

Best feeling, ever! You’ve had the announcement months, years before stating that they were going back into the studio and now here it is, the album you have been waiting for! When Daft Punk came out with the latest album this year I was so happy. I’d waited for it for years so when it was finally on my iPod to listen to, I was ecstatic! Same can be said when Deadmau5 brought out his latest album out last year too.

What does everyone do when that happens? Scream their fucking lungs out! I know I do anyway, I cheer, stomp my feet, do excited little cheers, the works! It’s an amazing, unique feeling that you experience every gig you go to when this happens and I really miss going to gigs to experience this. Fingers crossed for more gigs in 2014!

I love all these things that you can lose yourself in doing when you have spare time. Lately I’m loving reading one of my books, I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. I sat listening to my boyfriends band Four Floors Of Whores making some new music whilst reading and it was a relaxing way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

I’m shattered anyhoo, I’m going to snuggle into bed with a book and try to settle down to sleep.

What little things remind you of entertainment related things? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next week, take care!

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