MAC Lickable lipstick review

As I promised last week, here is the other MAC lipstick review for you lucky lot!

Lickable was the second MAC lipstick I purchased and like Rebel it is one of my favourite lipsticks.

This is also the only cremesheen finish I own so far, but I intend to be purchasing more of these in the future.



Around two or three months after purchasing Rebel I was informed via email that Debenhams had 20% off ALL beauty products online, which MAC was included in so I decided it was time to add another MAC lipstick to my collection.

I wasn’t exactly sure which one I wanted though and at first was tempted to purchased Girl About Town, but when I looked at swatches of it, it seemed rather dull to me and I wanted something different. So I decided to search around Temptalia’s blog again for something that would stand out and look great for autumn and winter too.

She had recently posted about one of the special edition make up sets that MAC had put together. All the products were permanent but the bag that it came in was of course special edition. It was called the Luxurious Pink Lip Look Bag and contained a lipstick, lip glass and a lip pencil.

The lipstick in this set was of course Lickable and the pictures of it and swatches made me fall in love and I ordered the lipstick from Debenhams there and then.

It arrived a few days later and I couldn’t wait to wear it out!



MAC describes Lickable as a bright clean blue pink and as I mentioned at the start of this post, it’s a cremesheen finish. Also as I mentioned at the start of this post and like Rebel, this is a permanent shade. Even though it comes in the legendary black and silver bullet due to being a permanent item, for the Luxurious Pink Lip Look Bag it did come in a shiny black bullet with MAC written in white writing, which I thought looked nice.

A lot of people have asked me if this is Girl About Town when I have been applying it to my lips, and I can safely say no. Lickable is a cremesheen, whilst Girl About Town is an amplified creme, Lickable is also lighter and contains a little bit of shimmer, but nothing overpowering or even that noticeable without looking really hard at it.

This has lasted really well when I’ve worn it out in the past and can be re-applied really quick and with ease. It doesn’t feather and due to it being a creme it leaves my lips feeling hydrated and soft. This is something I’ll wear if I’m going out in the day and I plan to be eating a lot as it lasts quite a long time.

Lickable’s blue pink undertones really do suit my skin and I’ve never found a hot pink shade before or even after purchasing this that suited me so well. I don’t think I’ll ever find a replacement for Lickable and out of all my MAC lipsticks, this is the most used out of the bunch.

Like all the MAC lipsticks this smells just like sugary doughnuts, but to many it smells of vanilla. Either way the MAC lipsticks smell and taste delicious, which is just an added bonus in my book.

I’m pretty glad that Debenhams had that 20% off deal on beauty, otherwise I may not own this lipstick now and I don’t know where I would be without it! I’m pretty sure I wore this on my first date with my boyfriend, which in itself is really nice.

I know for a fact when I run out of Lickable I’ll be re-purchasing it, it’s too beautiful not to have in my collection.

It retails for £15.00 from MAC but as I said I got mine from Debenhams on one of their % off sales on beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for these, they’re great for when you want to get yourself a bargain.

Edit 1

Picture has a higher saturation than the original to show Rebel’s colour better than the original image did.

Edit 2

Picture has a higher saturation than the original to show Rebel’s colour better than the original image did.

I love this lipstick and I know it will always be a favourite of mine. My Mom loves this colour too and although she ended up buying Rebel I could imagine her purchasing one of these in future too, if I don’t for her as some sort of present.

When I was six years old my Mom bought me a lipstick of my own by Helena Rubinstein, it was a hot pink and was the exact same colour as Girl About Town, if not a lot darker. She bought it me because she was sick of finding her own pink lipsticks ruined by myself. She showed me how to apply lipstick properly, even at such a young age and since then I have searched for the perfect pink lipstick and I can safely say, I have found it and I’m not letting it go. If MAC ever discontinue Lickable I will be buying box upon box until I’m poor.

Like Rebel, I’m especially glad it’s September now and that I’ll be able to wear my darker lip colours more now that autumn and winter are upon us. I just feel sorry for people who will be getting pink cheeks from all my kisses. 😛

What do you think of Lickable? Do you own it, if not have you had your eye on it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

I may have another MAC lipstick review next week… I’ll have to see how my work schedule turns out as I have a feeling September is going to be a very busy month, especially as it’s one of my favourite months of the year!

Until next time, take care and have a good week everyone!

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