Four Floors Of Whores Are Going On Tour!

This post isn’t going to be beauty or fashion related, but music related and for something rather exciting still nonetheless!

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember towards the end of June I wrote a post about my boyfriends band, Four Floors Of Whores. If not, go and check that post out!

Since that post the band have played many gigs and have their first mini tour coming up towards the end of this month! Exciting huh?

As well as this they’ve recorded their first EP which you can buy now from their store, but you can also check out tracks from the EP on their YouTube channel.

I mentioned a tour just now didn’t I? Well this is the main reason for writing this post up, on this chilly October evening,

They’ll be playing alongside some awesome (or is it whoresome?) bands like Sworn Amongst, Gehtika (who I really like!), Ballsdeep, Face Of A Stranger, A Born Disaster, Default and loads more… As it says on the poster above. 😛

All of the dates won’t cost much money, no more than £5.00 to be exact and will be worth every penny to check out some unsigned and awesome metal bands!

If you like metal then come to one, two or even all the shows to check out some bands and as well as the music being great, the guys in all the bands are lovely too.

I’m hoping to attend a majority of the shows with my digital SLR to take pictures and videos for the guys, as well as dress up spiffing for Gehtika! But we shall see, we shall see indeed…

I can safely say as both a girlfriend to one member (the little ginger one, don’t forget!) and friends to the others, I’m really proud of them all. They’re all so busy with work, personal, family, friends, partners, etc that I don’t get how they have time to do so much, but they love their little band enough to put in the effort and work needed to make them do well, which they are certainly doing.

Here’s a little bonus video from when the guys played at a gig back in July, I was there and it was so much fun and of course my boyfriend caught it all on his Go Pro, enjoy!





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