MAC Speak Louder Lipstick Review

My MAC lipstick collection is growing and with another recent addiction to my collection, I thought I would write a review about it!

I have to add, I am extremely happy about how well my MAC Rebel lipstick review has been doing since it went live on my blog in August! It gains me over 20 viewers a day and for that I am extremely happy! PLUS if you search the above on Google you will find my blog is on page one! Thank you to all who views my Rebel review, I’m so proud of my blog this year, I swear to God!

Anyhoo, on with the post!





Back in November last year I spotted Speak Louder being reviewed over on Temporary Secretary’s blog and I fell in love with the gorgeous pink shade! However due to loving Rebel so much and then buying Lickable I sadly forgot all about Speak Louder until one afternoon during March this year when me and Poppy popped into MAC in Selfridges Birmingham to take a peek at MAC. I rambled my brains for ages trying to remember the shade name and I just couldn’t remember the name of it. I went home that evening and looked up Sarah’s blog post to jog my memory of the name. Since then I didn’t forget it and in November I finally got my hands on Speak Louder and for a bargain price, thanks to my friend Amy!

I’ve been wearing this loads, especially for work! It’s a gorgeous shade and will work every time of year.




MAC describes Speak Louder as a clean poppy blue pink and is a cremesheen finish. This is in their permanent range so you can still pick this up from anywhere that stocks MAC and of course comes in the black bullet with silver finishings.

This is a gorgeous pink shade that can be worn throughout the year for pretty much any occasion! During the autumn and winter months I often reach for darker lip colours, but sometimes I like to tone it down and go for my girly pink shades, like Speak Louder.

Due to this being a cremesheen this lipstick is incredibly creamy to apply and feels somewhat moisturising whilst you wear it. I’ve also found with a bit of blotting you can also get this to last all day! I wear this a lot for work shifts and find that I don’t need to apply it all that much during my shifts, which last over 6 hours. I do however keep it in my apron pocket so that I can reapply if need be. Plus due to the cremesheen finish this glides on beautifully and due to this I don’t even need a mirror to apply it whilst I’m working, but I’m a classy lady and use a mirror. 😉

This lipstick doesn’t really feather or wear away quickly and can last a long time, even after eating and drinking! This being said I will reapply it due to the fact I don’t like the worry of having my lipstick feather and look like I’ve not applied it properly. Lipstick snob!

Now here’s the best thing about this lipstick, it only cost me £10! Ten, whole, pounds!!! I bet you’re wondering why? Well I shall tell you!

Due to where my friend Amy works, it means she gets a discount on MAC and as there were discounts going on at the time of purchase she offered to pick this up for me at a cheap price and post it over to me, as she’s from Sheffield and of course, I’m from Birmingham. Bless her she didn’t charge me for posting it over to me, nor an extra pence or two which was so lovely of her, but she is one of my closest friends, she’s going to be lovely no matter what!

Of course like all MAC lipsticks this smells amazing and like all of my MAC lipsticks do, it reminds me of cheap doughnuts from carts and stalls you’d find in town or near shopping centres. Everyone knows how amazing these smell and taste so to smell and taste this on my lips whilst wearing MAC is a HUGE bonus!

I didn’t NEED another new MAC lipstick but what the hell, we only live once and as I only wear make up on my lips, I must have double as many as a normal woman would to make up for not wearing make up on the rest of my face!

It retails for £15.00 from MAC but sometimes Debenhams will have their % off sale on beauty, which often includes MAC and is usually where I try and get my MAC lip products from whenever I want something new.

Photo 28-11-2013 13 51 04

This image was edited for me by my boyfriend, but the true colour of the lipstick still shows through!

I absolutely love Speak Louder and is my MAC lipstick for all year around! It’s a little less lighter than Lickable which means if I’m not fancying a strong hot pink lipstick, I can opt for this more subtle pink shade.

What do you think of Speak Louder? Do you own it, if not have you had your eye on it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

I have to say I can’t believe Christmas has now come and gone and soon we shall have New Year thrown upon us, as well as my birthday! 2013 has gone so quickly, don’t you think?!

Until next time, take care and I’ll be posting on my blog before New Years Day!

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