L’Occitane Fans Free Hand Creams


Recently L’Occitane held a giveaway via their Facebook page for their fans to get a pouch with 3 of their best hand creams inside!

Only some stores were doing this offer, including Birmingham which of course is where I’m from. As soon as I could I hauled ass to the store and low and behold, I managed to grab THE LAST ONE! I was so happy to get my hands on this, as I’d wanted it for nearly a week, but due to work I hadn’t had the time to get one.

I thought I would do a quick post to share this with you, as the hand creams I received in this are divine, even though I own the one already in the full size.


As I mentioned, you received 3 hand creams, they’re not full-sized (75ml), or even travel sized (30ml), but only 10ml but due to 3 being in this cute little pouch, you’re getting the same ml as a full size version. The little pouch you receive these in are lovely and it’s like a mini hot water bottle cover! I’m probably going to start using this in my hand bag to keep my lip products in, we shall see!


In this set you get Almond Smooth Hands, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, and Shea Hand Cream. I already own the Almond one, which I’ve mentioned here and I really love it! I’ve been using these the past couple of days when I’ve been out and I’m in love with the Cherry Blossom one!

I can see me reviewing the Cherry Blossom and Shea hand creams in the future as they’re lovely to use! I’m going to be keeping these with me in my hand bag and on my bed side table.

Since Christmas I’m really growing to love L’Occitane… Don’t think my bank account will though. 😛

There is some good news about this offer! It lasts until 14th February and all you need to do is get your voucher from L’Occitane’s UK Facebook page and put in your email address. You’ll then be sent an email with your coupon on. Make sure to check that your local L’Occitane store is taking part in this offer and if so, pop into store and ask a customer service assistant about the offer. Some stores may still have the pouches left BUT don’t worry if they don’t, they’re giving away the Shea Hand Cream in a 30ml size instead!

Get your hand cream girls!

Have you already picked up your hand cream? If not, do you intend to? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all!

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