I’m Still Alive!

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I’m still here, I’m still alive and well and still blogging… Well, sort of.

I know I’ve been quiet for nearly a week now but I have various reasons for that, which I thought I would lay down on a post.

My main reason is somewhat due to work. I’m okay with work, that isn’t such an issue but as over half of my shifts are mornings, I’ve been pretty tired at the moment when I get home from work and will usually get home and climb onto or even into my bed to relax. There are times where I say to myself, “Come on Nat you need to get that blog post written up.” I just never get around to it due to various different reasons, usually because I’ll be too busy watching something on YouTube or I put a TV show or a film on.

Another is that I’ve just been spending a bit of time with my family lately after I finish work, like earlier today I was meant to write up this post, as well as write up my February Empties, which I’ve been meaning to do for nearly a week now! Instead I went out with my Dad to the shops as he wanted some company and as the weather was lovely today, I thought it would be a shame to stay in… Even though my original plan was the above, as well as sit in the garden whilst doing so.

The weekends I use to spend time with my boyfriend, so if I write up any blog posts during that time it’ll be because he’s busy doing something whilst I’ll be busy doing something. This weekend gone I was pretty poorly for the majority of it with a terrible hangover, so no blog writing got done… Oops!

I have started my own photography business (well, sort of) so as I had my first official job for that at the start of this month, I’ve been busy going through the photographs for that as well as starting to edit them all, so that’s taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

Finally we have the one that I’ve been waiting until last to mention… And before you hold your breaths, I’m not pregnant (which I thought would have been obvious due to the fact I drank a lot of alcohol the weekend gone to be hangin’ for most of it!) but I did buy myself a Nintendo 2DS, as well as Pokemon X which I have been lusting after for MONTHS! I know I said I was going to be good in March with my spending ban but my boyfriend and I bought them at the same time on Saturday just gone and I didn’t want to sit there and watch him play, still moping and wondering to myself when I would get one… So now I have one!

I do have plenty of post ideas at the moment for my blog, from talking about Models Own Speckled collection, to talking about my Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon, as well as product reviews, and many many more!

I just wanted to write this quick post just to say I haven’t gone, I’m still around but I’ve just been really bust at the moment and sadly my blog doesn’t come first, my life does, although I sometimes do wish my blog could BE my job! xD

I hope everyone is well anyhoo, I have missed blogging so much and as of today blogging will be back to how it usually was, with my next blog post being live on Wednesday (if not Tuesday with a very late February Empties)!

Take care all and I’ll see you soon! 😀

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