A Long Weekend In…

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If the picture doesn’t make it obvious enough, it’ll be Bristol where I’ll be having my long weekend away!

This is a very exciting post for me to write today as it’s something I’ve been looking forward to since my boyfriend and I booked it a couple of weeks ago.

For our first anniversary together my boyfriend and I are going to Bristol for a long weekend away. Neither of us have been there before and due to that we’re super excited! We’ve heard nothing but good things about Bristol from our friends so it was an idea we both came up with a while ago.

I haven’t had a proper holiday since the age of 15 and not even a proper weekend away since I was 19/20 (although I will be having a weekend away at the Lake District next weekend!) and that was a trip to Hereford with my creative writing course at university. So I am in much need of a break away!

We finally booked our hotel at the end of April and straight away we began to plan what we could do whilst we’re there and where we could go too. As well as that I want to try and pick up some nice little bits and pieces to take with me, which includes both beauty and fashion.

My boyfriend and I have agreed to do presents but instead of buying something beforehand, we’re just going to buy each other something(s) during our weekend away.

I’m hoping I’ll have enough room for my clothes in my suitcase to be honest! I only have a small case, which has done the job many times before for a long weekend but due to what I need to take with me to Bristol, I’m worried I may need to take a weekend bag too… Oh dear!

But enough of all that, I want to share with you the places we’ve hand suggested to us, as well as places we’ve found online that we’re planning (well hoping) to go to. Plus as we’re staying in the centre of Bristol town we have a lot of places practically on the doorstep of our hotel to visit and go to.

Image taken from weheartit.com

For food we have a list of places we want to go to, including Halo, Illusions, St. Nicholas Market, Glassboat, Harveys Cellar, The Grain Barge and Cox and Baloney Tea Rooms. My boyfriend and I love food, so I’m sure we will find and visit lots of different places, especially when it comes to lunch and breakfast. On our last day in Bristol I really want to go to YO! Sushi before we make our way home, nothing like eating something usual even in a different place!

Image taken from weheartit.com

As well as eating, we also both enjoy discovering new things and places, so we’ve been looking for places to visit whilst in Bristol. We’re going to be typical tourists and have already found and been told about loads of places to visit whilst we’re there. Some of these include Bansky walking tour (above image is a piece of Bansky’s art), See No Evil, Stonehenge (we think it might be close enough to get to), Grillstock BBQ & Music Festival, At Bristol Science Centre, Bristol Aquarium, Bristol Zoo, Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf and anything Aardman Animations related!

I’m sure we’ll be visiting loads of other places too whilst we’re there but there are just some of the places we’ve found so far that we both want to go to and do.

Image taken from weheartit.com

Finally we’re planning on doing some shopping whilst we’re there as Bristol sounds like an amazing place to go to do just that. My boyfriend and I love going to Milton Keynes if we want a good day of shopping, but already we feel that Bristol may take over Milton Keynes somewhat, but we shall see.

Bristol offers various different shops, including vintage shops, which is something I’m always interested in looking at. There are various shopping centers such as Bristol Shopping Quarter, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Cabot Circus and many more. As well as that Gloucester Road and Park Street offer many shops too, mostly vintage shops.

I’m super excited for Bristol, I’ve wanted to go sinceĀ  my friend Poppy (over at Let’s Drive Far Away) told me how great it is there, plus the fact my friend Mali (over at Maliberry Makeup) is from and lives there, who I’m hoping to see whilst I’m there.

I know I’ll be doing lots of fun posts throughout June about my long weekend away, I’M JUST SO EXCITED!

I have just under a month now to wait until Bristol and I know in that time it’s going to be all plan, plan, PLAN… And maybe a small shopping trip beforehand too…

Watch this space!

Have you ever been to Bristol, or do you live there? If you have/do please recommend my boyfriend and I some places to go to for food, tourism and shopping.

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re all having a great week so far.

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