OPI Muppets Most Wanted Mini Collection – Review


As you may have seen on my last blog post that I bought myself some goodies when I went to Bristol earlier this month and this nail polish set was one of them!

This set came out (I think) in April for the release of the Muppets Most Wanted movie and when it first came out I scoured many blogs to try and find reviews and swatches for it. I happened to find a mixture of good and bad reviews for the collection as a whole. I myself found some positives as well as negatives with the mini collection that I’ll be talking about on my review today.

From the start I knew I wanted two of the shades in this collection, those being Miss Piggy’s Big Number and Kermit To Speak.

To start this post I just want to say how much of a bargain I snapped these up for! They RRP for £13.95 but I picked these up in TK Maxx for £9.99. As I stated in the title for this post, these are mini OPI bottles so they all come in and as you can see you get four polishes in this set.



In this set you get four polishes, all at 3.75mL – 1/8 Fl. Oz sizes each. In the Muppets Most Wanted collection overall there are eight shades, so the fact I have four of them makes this mini set a pretty damn good set!


In this set you get Miss Piggy’s Big Number (sapphire blue), I Love Applause (sheer pink), Kermit Me To Speak (rosy mauve) and Chillin’ Like a Villain (sheer nude). The other polishes in the Muppets Most Wanted collection are Gaining Mole-mentum (shredded light pink and gold glitter), Int’l Crime Caper (sheer white with a pink shimmer), Let’s Do Anything We Want! (pink glitter and white glitter in a clear base) and Muppets World Tour (white, silver and multicolored glitter). The whole collection is gorgeous and was brought out for OPI for spring, which is really does fit into perfectly.

Over two weeks I got to try each of these polishes out and I just knew I had to review these for the fact I adore two of the polishes in this set, feel like I will grow to love one and have come to be rather disappointed with another.

ALSO I hope you appreciate that it took agggges to get the pictures for this post due to having to paint my nails so much for it… But I didn’t mind and I enjoyed it. 😛 Think my fingers hate me though after all the nail polish remover!

I apologise by the way for the mucky application of these polishes but I painted and took pictures of all these on the early hours of this morning so I was rushing to get this done quickly so I could snooze.

SO onto the review! I’ll be talking about each polish in slight detail with all the important parts in there and such.




Miss Piggy’s Big Number is described as a sapphire blue, which is pretty accurate! It’s a gorgeous shimmery blue that shimmers mostly blue in the light, with the odd purple but that is only obvious in some lights. To paint this on and get a good coverage I painted 3 coats. This took a good 3-4 days to chip too which I thought was good as that was without a top coat! This is a very sheer nail polish but the more coats you paint, the more build-able it gets. I love this polish, there’s nothing bad or wrong about it and I bet it’d even look gorgeous painted over a black or a navy nail polish!




I Love Applause  is described as a sheer pink  which is definitely accurate, but there’s sheer and there’s what this is, streaky! This was the biggest disappointment of the whole set and when I pained this on my nails the weekend gone I was really quite sad that it had applied so badly and wondered if it was just due to the fact I was rushing to go and meet a friend. However I tried again to apply this to my nails and it did the same thing again. It applied streaky (as you can see) and it just looks disgusting and like I haven’t or don’t even know how to paint my nails, I applied 4 coats to my nails to get these pictures, you CAN get away with 3 coats but 4 seemed to look a little better. The only good news about this is that it didn’t chip in the couple of days I wore it on both occasions, which isn’t so bad! I don’t know if this is just my bottle that is painting this way or just the polish itself but either way I’m pretty gutted seeing as this is an OPI polish and these in their full size retail for the same price as I paid for the four miniature sizes.




Kermit Me To Speak is described as a rosy mauve and whilst that is correct I’d like to explain it in a better way. 😛 Basically this is a mauve/purple shade that turns green in the right light. I applied 3 coats on this picture, but I think you could apply another one if you wanted the colour to stand out a little more. This is my favourite polish out of the set and I wore it during my weekend away in Bristol. It chipped after 2-3 days which was rather disappointing but I imagine this is due to not having a top coat on over the top. I know I’m going to wear this loads during the autumn and winter seasons that are upon us, but hell I’ll wear it throughout the year! This is a beautiful shade and was the one polish out of all eight in the collection that I really wanted. If you buy one of the shades from this collection, let it be this one! I know if I ever see the full size cheap I’ll be snapping it up.




Chillin’ Like A Villain is described as a sheer nude shade and a gorgeous nude shade at that! It has peach undertones to it which are definitely office friendly! This was another one of the polishes in the collection that caught my eye as no matter how many coats you apply of this, it’ll always look lovely. This is 3 coats in the picture but with just 1 coat it looks lovely and something I think I’ll rock in future when I fancy wearing polish but nothing OTT. This didn’t cheap the couple of days I wore it which is nice as it definitely means it’s office worthy. It does streak a little bit but not half as much as I Love Applause does! I think if I painted another coat it would go a little less streaky and more smooth looking. I was going to wear this today for mine and my Dad’s belated Father’s Day celebrations but I won’t lie, I’m too lazy to wear any nail polish today!

My overall opinion of this collection? A beautiful little set for people who want polishes for both day and night, especially if you work in an office! The more metallic shades don’t last as long on the nails as the sheer shades but I’m sure a top coat can fix that.

My favourite in the set was definitely Kermit Me To Speak, my least favourite was by far I Love Applause.

Was this worth £9.99? Totally! I’d prefer to pay £9.99 for four polishes than the same price for one, although that being said I would so pay that price for Kermit Me To Speak as it was so worth it.

I don’t know if these are all over the TK Maxx’s in the UK, but I know Bristol had at least five in stock when I was there but of course that was nearly two weeks ago now!

So, what do you think of the Muppets Most Wanted collection? Would you pick it up?

Hey maybe you already own it, if so which is your favourite shade?

Leave me your answers and any questions you have in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re all well

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