I know now that I have been and still am missing in action and I have 3 reasons as to why, which I will be covering on this post.

So let’s not delay and use excuses, let me just get onto why I have been so quiet this month.

1. My internet decided it needed to be upgraded and due to this my internet has been on and off the past 2-3 weeks. One minute it would work on my laptop and the next it decided it didn’t want to, and the same can be said about my iPhone and iPad too. Literally just now I have set up my new router and I have internet again so please be excited for plenty of blog posts this week!

2. Sadly nearly a week ago my wallet was stolen. I’m pretty down about it due to many reasons, one of them of course being that it was stolen, but as well as that the main reason is the fact my Gran bought me that wallet for my 22nd birthday, a year and a bit before she passed away. That wallet was of high sentimental value and not only is it irreplaceable but it does feel like I have lost my Gran all over again. Due to this my anxiety (which I STILL need to write a post about!) has increased that little bit more than it has done the past couple of weeks anyway! I’m still keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it shall be handed in or returned to me, but I doubt that will happen.

And finally 3. This is somewhat positive and also exciting. I’m not going to give anything away incase it doesn’t fall through but I have been busy doing something at the moment that should change my life dramatically… That’s all you’re getting to know I’m afraid!

Other than that I’ve just been getting through life the best I can. I have plenty of posts I want to get written and scheduled on my blog ASAP and I think I’ll start writing up a post tonight.

AND I KNOW I still need to write-up my first fragrance Friday post, but that can wait until next month now me thinks.

Anyhoo I apologise again and again and again for what a shitty blogger I have been lately but so much crap has happened this month that I just want it to end.

Bring on August I say!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re all well.

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