Right Here, Right Now TAG!

Image taken from weheartit.com

I found this tag over at lifestylebeautyx blog and thought that it sounded like fun to do myself, so what the hell! I may as well give it a go before I go into work this afternoon. Enjoy!

Currently I Am: Sitting in my bed, with my favourite sweater on. It’s a little chilly today!

Reading: I’m not really reading anything at this moment in time… Other than what I’m typing! However book wise I am currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m really enjoying it!

Listening to: I have a film on at the moment, Candy. It’s an Australian film from 2006 and stars Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish. It’s about a couple in love with each other as well as heroin. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already!

Laughing At: As morbid as it sounds… Nothing much right now.

Swooning Over: My new shoes, which I shall be talking about on my blog over the weekend. 😉

Planning: A big day out for my boyfriend and our mutual friends!

Eating Lots Of: Crap and I hate it. 😦

Feeling: A bit tired and lazy.

Discovering: That I’m not alone.

Looking At: My Nintendo 2DS and considering whether to play Animal Crossing or not.

Wearing: One of my old sweaters that I used to live in 2 years ago. It’s a grey Original Adidas sweater and it really is a snug one to team with joggers. I have my snug pajama bottoms on too that have dalmatians on.

Cooking: I’m planning on cooking bacon and noodles for dinner. I’m working until late so it’ll be more convenient than a proper dinner.

Image taken from weheartit.com

Wondering: What to write about on my blog next week, ideas and suggests welcome in the comments!

Trying Out: Nothing much… I won’t lie. xD

So that’s the Right Here, Right Now TAG completed! Well that was fun to do on my lazy Thursday morning!

Now I tag EVERYONE to take part! It was a short but fun tag to take part in and I want everyone to do it too. Let me know in the comments if you join in on it.

Until next time, take care all I need to be off and be more lazy.

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