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This is a random post, and not something I usually do… Well apart from at the start of each month!

Recently I have been reminded of my love of Adventure Time and upon a nerdy shopping trip to Forbidden Planet with my boyfriend a few weeks ago I decided to put a wish list together.

I will tell you now that this wish list is so big, it had to be edited into two pictures!

I don’t often bother doing wish lists halfway through the month, but I just want so much stuff lately that it would be hard to choose one or two things to add onto my monthly wish list.

Plus with school starting back soon I strongly recommend you head to Forbidden Planet if you love Adventure Time as much as I do, as they have some amazing stationery and school items there to choose from at the moment. I wish Adventure Time was around when I was a kid, I’d have owned so much stationary!

So without further ado, Adventure Time wish list time!

Adventure Time Wish List 2

Like most people who watch and love Adventure Time I do rather like BMO. They aren’t my favourite character from the show but they are likeable and I especially love the fact that they look just like an old Game Boy hand-held system. There are a few t-shirts that have been brought out with BMO’s face on but in my opinion this one is the nicest of the bunch. It’s a simple grey t-shirt with an image of how BMO looks when being assembled. Simple but lovely!

I have wanted this hoodie for months now and although I nearly bought it the weekend, the Forbidden Planet I went into were sold out… I was gutted but it meant I saved money! It’s a gorgeous cobalt blue hoodie that features an adorable image of Jake in the pocket, with an arrow saying “Jake’s in here”. This is from one of the Adventure Time episodes where Marceline asks Finn where Jake is, to which he opens his t-shirt pocket and there’s Jake. I know I’ll be getting this hoodie in the near future, for the moment though I’m probably going to be good and wait a while. I know I want it for my holiday, as I’d love to wear it in the evenings.

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I LOVE this t-shirt! My boyfriend and I both love the song Jake sings about making bacon pancakes and whenever we make bacon, pancakes or even both we sing it. We love it so much we recently discovered a version of this song mashed with Alisha Keys “Empire State of Mind” which we both downloaded and now have as our phone ringtones. Sad much, eh? 😛 Anyhoo! This t-shirt is just perfect and whilst this is in the women’s skinny fit style, they do have this in a man’s design too and if I don’t buy this for myself I’ll certainly buy it for my boyfriend at some point. This post will feature some more making bacon pancakes items.

Adventure Time Wish List 1

I don’t exactly need a  new bag, but I have been contemplating getting a new one. This one is super cute and if you don’t get the design, I shall briefly explain! It’s a spin on the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro and as I love that film anyway this bag is just full of win for me. This bag isn’t available to buy until next Thursday (28th August) and I did contemplate pre-ordering it, but although I love this bag I couldn’t see myself using it… I shall see though! It’s just so cute and I’m sure it’d be huge so I wouldn’t have to worry about not fitting my whole life into it. 😛

Just to say if you like this tea towel this is only available at Forbidden Planet as it’s an exclusive for those guys. I would snap this up straight away but this will be something I’ll buy when my boyfriend and I eventually move out together as I don’t think my family would approve! 😛 You can’t go wrong with a funky tea towel as I find it can really brighten up a kitchen (as long as it matches, of course!) and I would love using this especially when I had friends over.

This is the last making bacon pancakes piece, I promise! This is another Forbidden Planet exclusive, so if you want this, that is the only place you’ll be able to pick it up from. Like the tea towel I wouldn’t buy this until I had a place of my own, as I know my boyfriend really wants this, possibly a bit more than I do. I don’t use an apron at home when I cook as I’m not really a messy cook/baker. The only time I actually wear and use an apron is at work, where making a mess is inevitable! I would enjoy wearing this apron whilst cooking dinners, as well as doing some baking, but I won’t lie when I say it would just look nice hanging up on a baking cupboard in a kitchen to give it a bit of an edge.

As I am off on holiday at the start of 2015 I am extremely excited, so much so I am planning every little thing to as much detail as possible, my passport being included. I’ve never had a passport holder but I have been thinking that I might pick one up and out of all the Adventure Time ones I like the BMO one the most. I’ve seen these in Forbidden Planet many times and they do look really good quality for money and all the designs are gorgeous too. Everyone I’ll be going on holiday with will know which passport is mine with this! 😉

When I last visited Forbidden Planet I saw this book and was so tempted to buy it, but I was good and left it for another time. It’s basically a notebook where you write your secrets in, and I am a complete sucker for stationary, especially notebooks! The pages in this book are all designed nicely and it would be a pleasure to write things inside of. As well as that the way you secure this book is pretty cool, it has a standard notebook rubber band on it so that when you close it you wrap the band around the back of the book, so that people get confused when trying to open it… I’ve probably not even explained this properly but it’s hard to describe! Either way it’s amazing and I need it!

I heard about these amazing tins months ago through Ashes on YouTube as he received this in a mystery subscription box and I knew then that I wanted one of these! So I went on a YouTube search to see if I could find out anymore about these, where I found a YouTuber had made a couple of videos showing off each tin and what you got inside. These are blind tins so you won’t know which character you’ll get inside of the tin you buy. All the tins looks gorgeous and I legit want them all, same can be said about the characters you get inside the tins too as for the money they’re really well made and so beautiful! But I’d probably be inclined to wait until I move out so that I can have a little collection of them on a shelf, bookshelf, etc. These aren’t exactly cheap but from the videos I have watched they’re well worth the money! These aren’t out until the end of October but they are available to pre-order and I have seen these on eBay too.

So that was my Adventure Time wish list! I love Adventure Time, even though most people I know hate it due to how “annoying” it is. I only really discovered my love for it nearly a year ago now and I just wish I had discovered it sooner.

Do you like Adventure Time? If you do, let me know about it in the comments. Favourite episode, items you own, favourite character, everything!

My favourite episode is either when we first meet Fiona and Cake, any with Lumpy Space Princess or the one where we meet Jake and Rainicorn’s babies. My favourite characters (I can’t pick one!) are Jake, Fiona, Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess.

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Until next time all, take care and I hope your weeks have started off well!

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