I’m Going Back To University!

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Yes it is official, I’m going back to university! This was something I was meant to do last year and the fact that I have gone through with it this year has really made me happy. BUT I won’t lie I’m also completely shitting myself.

I’ll be going to study my creative writing masters, which is a huge thing for me as it means I’m finally sorting out my career.

I left university in 2011, that’s 3 whole years of not learning anything… Well apart from when I went to study a short photography course at college, but I don’t think that counts!

Either way I am a mixture of excited and frightened and the fact that this has been a decision made within a week, it means I’m super stressed too.

I’m not studying in Birmingham but in Gloucester and Cheltenham so I’ll be having a dramatic change in my life for the rest of 2014. I’ll not only be traveling there and back for 4 days of the week but I’ll also be working 5 days a week. As well as that I’m hoping to move down there in mid-late October.

I’m really hoping to join some societies when I’m down there too, preferably the anime and snow societies!

I’m glad to have Poppy, one of my closest friends live down there as well as having my boyfriend come and live with me. My family and friends are being incredibly supportive and without them I wouldn’t even consider trying to take my masters again so I just want to thank them like 100 million times for helping me gain this opportunity and going through with it.

I’ll be keeping you all up to date with how my postgraduate university experience goes!

But I thought I would post this quick update on here… I really hope I do okay, please have your fingers crossed for me. ^_^

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a good week.

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