One Lovely Blog Award

On Thursday I was nominated by my good friend Amy over at Von Dork for the One Lovely Blog Award! It was unexpected when I saw a random tweet from her in my notifications with dozens of fellow bloggers tagged for this award and when I found out what it was for I was super happy! I highly recommend Amy’s blog, she’s one of my closest friends and I’ve guest posted on her blog many times! She still owes me a guest post. 😛

The rules of the award:

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

  1. I’ve known my best friend 20 years this year. Boy how time flies! I can’t believe we’ve known each other that long, it’s really amazing. I think we’ll be best friends forever and I hope we do indeed become those old ladies you see in coffee shops sharing a pot of tea and talking about their latest piece of knitting.
  2. I love foxes and I’m one of those people who when my friends and family see anything fox related, chances are they’ll think of me. It’s become an obsession to say the least!
  3. My favourites shades of lip colour are definitely dark pink, red and purple. I have always been a huge fan of dark pink shades, ever since I was a little girl so I’ve always swayed towards them. However with red I only started to dare to wear it when I was studying my undergraduate degree at university. Finally this past year purples have come to be a staple lip colour in my life and every couple of months that pass by, I dare to go a brighter or even darker shade of purple.
  4. Autumn is by far my favourite season! I love the colours at the time of year, as well as the weather changes and how dark it gets really early. It also means that Halloween and Bonfire Night are soon upon us as well, which are two of my favourite events of the year! Autumn is just such a fun month and it’s an excuse to wear big thick jumpers and drink lots of coffee and hot chocolate.
  5. Lady & The Tramp is my all time favourite Disney movie. It’s so cute and a typical love story that makes my heart melt and go all gooey and soft. Plus I love dogs so it already got me by the heart-strings when you see Lady as a puppy pop out of that box with a red bow around her neck.
  6. Speak of dogs, I am craving a puppy so badly! I think my boyfriend and I are going to wait until we have our own place to finally get a puppy. I think we recently came to a decision which breed we might buy too…
  7. Lately I’ve been listening to Maroon 5 loads and came to realise they are one of my favourite bands. Alongside those Evanescence, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Flyleaf and The Pretty Reckless are just handful of my favourite bands.


  1. Mish from Mish Mreow – I met this amazing girl at VintSetFest over a year ago and out of the hundreds of girls who attended that event, she was the only one to actually hold a conversation with me and quite frankly I’ll never forget that. That was my first ever blogger meet up and it was really not as great as I imagined it would be. However having a chat with her was amazing and as well as that she is an amazing blogger. She loves purple lipstick and isn’t your usual beauty blogger, she’s different and I like different. If you like the more alternative side of make up, as well as great reviews, then you’ll love her.
  2. Emma from Milk Teef – She’s such an amazing blogger, who keeps her blog post pictures looking clean and fresh. She’s also very pretty! I love when she swatches and reviews lip products as the pictures she puts up for them look great.
  3. Alex from Bambella – A great fashion blogger with a unique sense of style! I can’t even remember how I came across her blog but I followed her as soon as I went through a few pages of her blog. Check her out if you need some style inspiration.
  4. Zoe from A New Chapter – A beauty blogger who is down to earth and I love her for it. She replies to your comments and sounds so sweet and friendly. She doesn’t have an SLR or any swanky editing footage and I actually like it, it shows you don’t need all that photography jargon to run a good blog. 🙂
  5. Jess from Dungarees And Donuts – I heard about Jess through Mish and I really love her blog. She’s the type of blogger where when you read her posts you really can relate and I love how she doesn’t just focus on one topic or theme, she covers everything! I really do enjoy reading her blog.
  6. Mary from Strike A Pose – This blogger is going places, fast! She’s such a lovely girl and although she gets loads of comments on posts she replies to the majority of them. She’s covered beauty, fashion, lifestyle and even shares helpful posts for bloggers who are new as well as old. If she isn’t in the position beauty bloggers like Tanya Burr and Zoella are in the future, then I’ll be shocked, by far one of my favourite bloggers out there.
  7. Becky from Milk Bubble Tea – She has such a lovely clean-looking blog with mostly pastel shades. As well as that I am in LOVE with her Dachshund Oscar, I want a puppy do badly.
  8. Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty – The 30 lipsticks in 30 days that she did a while ago got me excited for a new day just to see what lipstick she would be talking about! As well as that I love her lip product reviews and the swatches she puts up are perfect.
  9. Laura from Beyond Blush – Laura is a Canadian blogger and I love her reviews! She reviews all sorts but my favourites are of course her lipstick and nail polish reviews. I recommend her!
  10. Mali from Maliberry Makeup – One of my friends and by far one of my favourite bloggers out there! I love Mali and if you don’t go and check her out then you are missing out!
  11. Caroline from Sparkly Vodka – I love Caroline! She has the same taste in fashion as I do and I just love how thorough her reviews are for products. She’s such an awesome blogger, definitely one of my favourites out there.
  12. Sarah from Found On Film – Sarah is so awesome! I read her blog occasionally but I’m more for her YouTube channel and have been subscribed to her on there since… 2008/2009. So for a long LONG time!
  13. Beaumaquillagex – Amazing blogger and I especially love her lip reviews and swatches and they show off the colours accurately. She comments on my posts every now and again too, which makes me smile.
  14. Emma from Kitten Moustache – An alternative blogger who I really do like! I discovered her through her YouTube channel so when I found out she had a blog too I went to check her out. She pulls of black lipstick perfectly. Definitely go check her out if you’re an alternative girl like me. P.S. Her septum piercing suits her perfectly too!
  15. Hannah from The Diary Of A Poor Girl – The modern-day/real life Bridget Jones! She’s not a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger but a lifestyle blogger and I love her for it. She writes so honestly and on some occasions I’ve found myself really relating to her from either the past or present. Check her out if you’re a single lady, or even a taken one. She’s amazing and needs her own column in a magazine.
  16. Sarah from Temporary-Secretary – I couldn’t do one of these styles of posts and not mention Sarah, so I’ve saved the best until last. Sarah is an amazing blogger who writes about a bit of everything. She’s one of the top bloggers out there and I’ve had the privilege of having her leave comments on my blog, which made me so DAMN HAPPY! Other than that she is such a lovely blogger and if you aren’t following her already, then why not? Get on her blog now!


I just want to thank Amy again for nominating me! Now go forth all the bloggers I have tagged and take part in the One Lovely Blog Award!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!

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