Apologies For Being Quiet…

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The reason for this is that I started university this week and due to that I have been so busy!

I haven’t just been to university 4 days this week, but I’ve also been at work 4 days this week too, so as soon as I finish work I’m off to university for my lectures!

This week however I’m only there 3 days and the week after I won’t be at university at all in the week due to activity week. But even so I’m not promising that I’ll be posting loads.

As I am at work at the same time and it has been a hard week due to it.

HOWEVER I will be trying my best to get posts out there, but for the first month I may be a little behind due to university and work and such.

For my three monthly posts they’ll be spread out over next week which will be good.

Right now I’m going to spend the rest of the night juggling blog posts, reading for one of my modules at university as well as chilling out with my boyfriend.

So I’m sorry for being quiet, but work and university is more important I’m afraid.

I hope everyone is well and until next time, take care all!

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