Give A Little Sparkle…*

Christmas is a couple of weeks away and I know I still have loads of presents left to buy people, which sucks. BUT I’m hoping my post today will strike up some inspiration, especially if you’re wanting to buy someone something extra special.

So when Warren James contacted me to try out a few of their jewellery pieces, I said yes and I’m talking to you about the two pieces they sent to me. Therefore this is the second review to go up on my blog with an * next to it, exciting huh!? I wasn’t sent these directly from Warren James, but a company called Beattie Communications, who were lovely to deal with and sent these out super quick!

They sent me the Laguna Heart Necklace* and Kirsten Real Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring* which as you can see are both such beautiful and simple pieces.

The first piece I’m going to talk about is the ring.

Simple and elegant DiamonFlash® Cubic Zirconia solitaire ring in a classic 6 claw setting. Rhodium finish, a member of the Platinum family, for added luxury.

This ring is so beautiful and I was so excited to receive it to review. I don’t own many rings, because I don’t feel I have the most feminine hands in the world to pull it off but this ring really does make me feel that little more feminine. When I first saw it in the box and tried it on, it really did remind me of an engagement ring and I did worry when I wore it out over the past week that someone may ask if I was engaged, but no one did (thank God!).

The diamond in this ring is gorgeous and very bling, I must say. The diamond is pretty big, which is why it reminded me of an engagement ring. It makes this a real statement piece and will look great at a New Years party with a little black dress. The band for this ring is made of sterling silver, which is indicated on the band itself. It’s also a nice size, not too thick and not too thin which I liked as it means its super comfortable to wear and whenever I wear it it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything.

I asked for this ring in an M, which is the size of my middle finger, however the only finger this ring fits is my ring finger, which I found odd. It doesn’t state on the box itself or the ring which size it is, which I found a bit odd.

Now onto the price of this ring, because the pieces from Warren James all look more expensive than they actually are. This is currently in the sale from £18.00 down to £8.99. Yes this ring costs less than £10, can you believe it?

With this ring on I don’t feel the need to wear any other jewellery as the huge diamond on this just stands out beautifully and I think everyone needs a ring like this in their collection. This won’t break the bank either if you wanted to get a relative or a friend something special for Christmas this year.

Now onto the necklace, which was my favourite piece out of the two.

Elegant, romantic and feminine, the Laguna necklace is spectacular. Dive into the depths of colour to reveal prisms of inner fire and beauty; iridescent shaded flashing from within. Be captivated by this stunning piece of jewellery. Be the envy of all your friends. Super gift idea.

This necklace is stunning, absolutely stunning! It looks gorgeous on the website but in the flesh it just looks a hundred times better. I’ve wanted a necklace like this since my trip to Bristol when I found a store selling them so the fact that I finally have one is really nice.

This is a beautiful turquoise heart-shaped necklace with swarovski elements so when the light hits the heart it shows off all sorts of colours. It looks so gorgeous! The chain is 45cm but due to it having an extender you can have it at 51cm if you wished to. It doesn’t state anywhere on the website if the chain is sterling silver and there aren’t any markings on it to state it either, but this doesn’t bother me. My magpie eyes were too busy being hypnotized by the turquoise heart!

Not only is there the swarovski heart on this piece, but the loop above it that you thread the chain through has little diamonds on it, which I think makes this piece look that little bit more luxurious and expensive looking. I like that it isn’t bland, it gives it a little more character to the piece itself.

So, you want to know how much this was? It’s in the sale and originally cost £59, and is in the sale for £16. Can you believe it? Because I couldn’t when I saw how much it cost!

Overall I love this necklace and since receiving it, I haven’t stopped wearing it. I only have one necklace and it’s a red heart locket, so to have another heart-shaped piece in my collection is really nice. I already know I’m going to wear this for my holiday and I can’t wait as it’ll look gorgeous from the day until the evening. This is a simple but effective piece that you can wear from day-to-night with any outfit.

So what do I think of the pieces overall? I LOVE them and I’m not just saying that because I was sent them to review. You know me, I’m honest and if I didn’t like them I would say.

Both pieces really do stand out but are simple at the same time, which I really do like. They feel light weight and I know they’ll work perfectly with any outfit. They especially work together and compliment one another very well so if I wear one piece, I know the other will be worn alongside it.

Warren James are a great jewellery store and their pieces are all as beautiful as one another. With Christmas just over two weeks away you still have plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping if you haven’t picked anything up. I’ve looked at buying pieces from them before for myself, as well as my Mom in the past. There are loads of different pieces to choose from and they’re all at amazing prices.

I already have my eye on a few other pieces I may pick up after Christmas.

So, do you like the look of Warren James? Hey maybe you already own some pieces from them! If so, which pieces? I’d love to hear about them.

Definitely check out Warren James, this is their website and they have stores all over the UK, which you’ll be able to locate on the website too.

I hope everyone is well and getting ready for Christmas, it’ll be here before you know it.

Until next time take care all and have a great week.

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*Product sent for reviewing purposes.

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