I’m 25 Today! Or Should I say, Halfway to 50…

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I feel rather pathetic making this post… But I’m doing it anyway! It’s my birthday today and as the title reads, I’m 25… Boo! Not only am I halfway to 50 but in five years time I’ll be 30. That’s pretty scary!

I’ve never been a huge lover for my birthday being in January. It’s a pretty crap month to be fair and one most people don’t like. But the main problem with being a January baby is no one wanting to celebrate your birthday because they’re skint after Christmas and New Year.

Trust me I’ve had family and friends not want to do anything for my birthday because of how skint they are and it sucks that some people didn’t seem to realise how hurtful that was.

I am really glad though that I’m not the only January baby and that I do have fellow people to share these feelings with. My friend Poppy has her birthday exactly a week after mine but my Mom’s birthday is the day after! God knows how she must have felt giving birth to me the day before her birthday. A lot of people joke how her birthday present was me, but sod that! (Joke!)

Either way I’m not all that fussed about my birthday this year about doing anything fancy. I just want to have a nice chilled day where I don’t need to worry about work, uni, or anything else pretty much other than being around people I love.

So my friend Gabriella is going to come and see me for the day and I can’t tell you how excited I am! We’re going to have a girly day together of shopping, gossip, bitching, Starbucks, and being fan girls/nerds! In the evening my boyfriend’s going to come meet us for dinner, which will be really nice.

Also you know you’re getting old when you have to buy your own birthday cake. My Dad and boyfriend both know which cake I wanted and although my boyfriend was going to pick it up, but he is going to give me the money… So I didn’t really have to buy my own cake, but I like to joke.

I’m having a yummy red velvet cake, my dream birthday cake!

I’m hoping I can try and get a birthday present post up before I go away but if I don’t then I’ll certainly try and do a post like that when I get back from my holiday!

Anyway I’m off to go and celebrate getting older!

Until next time all take care.

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