Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips Review – Guest Post!

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Hi everyone!  It’s Mali from Maliberry Makeup again, back with another guest post for the lovely Nat.  Long time readers of my blog will be familiar with my rather extensive knowledge and previous reviews of stuff from Lush.  To say I’m Queen of Bathing would be an understatement 😉 Even though I love Lush, I do enjoy trying other brands. Bomb Cosmetics have an impressive and fun range of bath products that I’m getting to know better, and today I’ll be talking about two of their Bath Tulips.  These are bath melts made of lovely butters and oils that dissolve in the bath and turn the water beautifully soft.
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
The Bath Tulips are swirls of solid butters and oils really prettily packaged in paper cases, making them look like little fairy cakes!  The Bath Tulip on the left is called Apple Catcher and has an appropriately green colour scheme, topped with red ‘berries’,  The one on the right is called Pearl’s a Zinger and is orange in colour, topped with more ‘berries’ and solid butters that actually look very much like chopped almonds!
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips ingredients
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Both Bath Tulips contain lots of Cocoa and Shea Butters, making them perfect for adding moisture to bath water.  Apple Catcher contains warming and calming Amyris and Nutmeg essential oils.  Pearl’s a Zinger contains uplifting and stimulating Orange and Mandarin essential oils
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips in bath
In the water, these dissolve very slowly, turning it cloudy.  I found Apple Catcher to have a refreshing apple scent which was a little disappointing once in the water.  Pearl’s a Zinger, however, was so zesty and orangey and really packed a punch in terms of scent!  Of course, the cocoa and shea butters made the water really soft and silky and left my skin very moisturised.  I got 3 uses out of each Bath Tulip, and simply removed each one and let them dry once I was happy with the water softness.  They cost £2.99 each, which is pretty good value for money considering the uses you get out of them!
Bomb Cosmetics are definitely a company worth checking out if you love a good bath like I do.  My one issue with the company is that they can be quite hard to track down in physical stores.  Thanks again for inviting me to guest post Nat, and I’d love it if you checked out my blog if you’re reading this!
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