Guess Who’s Back!

Well, me of course! I’m back from my holiday and boy do I wish I could have stayed there forever.

I had an amazing time though and boy did I relax too. I didn’t turn my phone on for two weeks and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed having time away from Facebook, Twitter, university and everything else.

However I did miss my friends, as well as writing for my blog.

But 2015 is going to be a good year for my blog, I hope anyway!

So I apologise for being so quiet on my blog, but I once again want to thank my friend Gabriella and fellow blogger Mali for writing guest posts whilst I was away. They were amazing and appear to have done very well.

Thanks for my regular readers for being so patient, I’ll be having a couple of posts up on my blog about my holiday over the next couple of weeks. I’m super busy at the moment so please bear with me.

Until next time however, I’ll see you soon!

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