Sorry… Again…

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Yes I’m apologising again for being quiet.

I haven’t posted since Easter and that was nearly two weeks ago! I’ve just been so busy with uni, and work, and life in general AND OH MY GOD TOO MUCH TOO MUCH.

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Even when I did get a chance to have some time for myself this week, I’ve been left with exhaustion and what feels like a horrible hangover.

BUT I’m going to try and spend the weekend writing blog posts, as well as doing my uni work.

I love writing for my blog, so when I don’t get to it does make me feel sad.

I have some exciting posts coming up for the rest of April and maybe the start of May so I can’t wait to get those written and scheduled for you guys to see.

So alas, I am still alive. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth and for my followers who are still here. Thank you for sticking with me and understanding.

I’ll be back after today. ^_^

Until next time, I love you all and take care.

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