Guess Who’s Going to London?

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Well, me of course! 😛 It’s officially booked and I’m super excited.

We’re going as a late and long anniversary weekend away, seeing as our anniversary is actually on Monday. We’re also going for a few other reasons too. Hyper Japan as well as The Book of Mormon. We’re both pretty excited for so much happening in the space of three days!

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On Friday we’ll be getting there pretty early to go and explore London for the day. We plan on shopping (I really want to go to the Oxford Street Lush store!), visiting the Science Museum and Natural History Museum, which will be exciting. Then in the evening after some dinner together, that’s when we’ll be watching The Book of Mormon. It was a last minute decision to go and I won’t lie when I say it was really expensive too… It should be worth it though as all we’ve heard from friends and family is how good it is. I only recently found out it’s by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the guys behind South Park. I loved that show growing up and would love to start watching it again soon.

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On the Saturday, that’s when we have Hyper Japan. All day! We’re going to be saving most of our spending money for this as when we went to Comic Con we spent roughly £100 each, but this was mostly on each other for Christmas presents. We’ve bought out main anniversary presents for each other, but we both intend on buying some other bits and pieces for each other whilst we’re at Hyper Japan, as well as when we shop around London.

That evening we’ll go and get something to eat and then head back to the hotel, maybe for some drinks and we’ll be shattered. Depends how we feel at the time.

Sunday will be out final day and after check out at the hotel, we’re contemplating going around London to do things we didn’t have time to do the previous two days. Then we’ll head home and Monday have a nice relaxed day together at my house.

I am super excited (I’ve already said this. :P) about London! I’ve wanted to go ever since I could remember, but my dad for all his promises to take me, never has sadly. I understand why now I’m older. It’s bloody expensive!

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Overall including hotel, Oyster cards (which I’m going to feel like a little kid using!), and our tickets for Hyper Japan has cost me just over £100. It would have been more with my ticket for The Book of Mormon but my boyfriend was lovely enough to buy me that.

I’m sure I will post again about this days away from the trip. But man, I just can’t wait for that weekend now. Roll on July!

Are you going to Hyper Japan? Let me know if you are! And have you seen The Book of Mormon? Let me know what you thought of it!

Until next time, take care all.

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