Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Masochist – Review

I have never been so excited to get my hands on a lipstick since… Well… Since never I don’t think! As my regular readers will know, I love lipstick. It is the only form of make up I wear so it’s pretty important to me for my lips to look good, as well as the colour to stay in place as long as possible.

Jeffree Star has been around for years, and emerged back way before Facebook when MySpace was the number one social media website. I’ve been a fan of him for as long as I can remember, so when I heard about him working on his own liquid lipstick range, I got excited. Too excited.

His liquid lipsticks first came out nearly a year ago now (if I remember right they came out on Black Friday..?) and I’ve been lusting after them ever since, but never picking one up until recently. I was torn between which shade(s) to buy, and I said to myself that I wouldn’t buy one until my heart was set on a certain shade, which happened recently when Masochist was announced.

Masochist is a gorgeous dark raspberry pink shade, described as “The color of crushed berries on ice. This dark pink matte lipstick is cool toned and extremely addictive.” which was right up my street. I love dark shades, especially dark pink and with autumn now here, and winter just around the corner this is my ideal shade for those seasons.

So with much debate and my bank account screaming at me to leave it alone, I caved in and ordered. However, I didn’t order directly from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but through a UK seller called Cocktail Cosmetics. They’re based in the midlands (which of course is where I’m from) which is handy for if I ever want to pop into their store for a look at the shades.

Masochist sold out really quickly so I had to wait until they got some more stock in for me to order it, which I ordered a few weeks ago and have had the same amount of time. I wanted to ensure I tried and tested this out as much as possible so I could give you guys an honest and thorough review.

I know so many people who are pining after the liquid lipsticks and I can safely tell you, they are worth every penny and more!

Masochist comes in the signature pink box and of course is in the same tube as all the liquid lipsticks come in. The applicator is a doe foot and I expected it to be like the usual soft and bog standard ones you get in most lip glosses, however this doe foot is really fluffy! Which means it picks up more product, and therefore leaves more product behind on the lips. The product itself doesn’t have a scent to it, which I am a mixture of sad and happy about. I like having a light scent to my lip products, but at the same time due to what kind of lip product this is, I’m pretty pleased it is scentless.

This is super pigmented. I knew it would be, but it’s different seeing it be pigmented in videos and pictures than it is in the actual flesh. I swatched this on the back of my hand and was gobsmacked by how gorgeous it was, and how little I needed to achieve such a bold shade. I couldn’t wait to try this on my lips so I ran to my bathroom mirror and applied. The doe foot applicator worked well to line my lips, but I find a lip liner is better (I’ll go into more detail about this in a moment) as it means you gain a more precise line and edge. You don’t need a lot of this to achieve a gorgeous finish.

I wore this around the house and I found I encountered a few issues with it, which I thought was just because I wasn’t used to the product, but since then I had the same issue again whilst out. I found when I was eating a sandwich whilst wearing this product, where I had bitten into the sandwich there was a round circle of pink left behind on it… Which was a little off putting. As I said this happened again when I was out with my boyfriend for lunch. I guess there is nothing that can be done with that. This being said, it didn’t move from my lips or appear like it had come off which is good!

I’ve also worn this throughout a six hour shift at work, and from the time I applied, to the moment I came home it didn’t budge. My mom was amazed by this, and asked me to apply some on her. Her lips are a lot thinner than mine and I didn’t have a lip liner to hand to line her lips before applying the product, so I just had to wing it. It turned out great and she loved how her lips looked. She now wants one herself!

Re-applying this really easy too. You can just apply it to the parts of your  lips where needed, or even all over. I found a second coat caused the shade to look darker, which is good to know as I wasn’t sure if you could use more than one coat for this product.

I of course used the “kiss” and “finger” test to show off that this product doesn’t come off when in contact with anything, and everyone I have shown it to has been impressed, especially my boyfriend who hates being covered in lip shapes kisses.

Another problem (I say problem but it isn’t) I found with this was how awkward, painful, and hard it can be to remove. As soon as I get home I like to take off my lipstick so I can just slather lip balm all over my lips, but with this I find it is a little more challenging. At first I tried everything from Simple make up remover, baby wipes, lip balm (I found a tutorial on YouTube about this), and even a cleansing balm, but none of them worked! I asked my mom for suggestions, but even she was stumped on ideas.

Then I remembered that the product itself states, “avoid food with oil” so I thought, “Hey I wonder if an oil based make up remover would work?” so I turned to my mom again and asked her if she had any of these that I could try. So I did, and guess what? It worked!

Overall I am so impressed with this and I knew that everyone was raving about it, and there was a good reason why. I’ve tried liquid lipsticks in the past and not one of them compared to this bad boy. What I love the most about these is how many different shades you can pick up, and I’m already eyeing up another one I can get for when I go on holiday. I’ve also converted my mom, who also has her eye on some more shades that she would like to own and try.

I paid £13.00 for Masochist, with £3.50 postage, which I didn’t mind as it arrived super quick. I definitely recommend Cocktail Cosmetics for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and so does the man himself, who loves them and has said it on Twitter. The price has since gone up since then by a £1, so now they retail for £14.00.

My current 3 shades I am lusting after now are Abused (This purpled toned navy blue is one of a kind. Matte. Bold. Sultry. We ALL abuse something. Whether it’s power, love, money or beauty… Just don’t let it control you.), Redrum (The perfect red: this matte cool toned red looks amazing on any skin tone.), and Hoe Hoe Hoe (The fierce red is gorgeous, deep toned and has hints of metallic red and purple through out.) which is out for Christmas this year and I already own it!

What shades are you after, or what shades do you own? Any you recommend? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time all, take care and I hope all of my readers are well.

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